Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

ABout Threado

Threado is an AI bot creation platform that lets you create your own AI that can instantly answer customer queries in Slack, Discord, or on your website. The way it works is by analyzing your content (such as conversations, documentation, PDFs, etc) and then training itself to offer fine-tuned answers. Once the AI has been trained, it can be deployed on Slack, Discord, or embedded on your website to provide autonomous customer support.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

In a world where products are commoditised, community-led growth is the best way to differentiate yourself and scale sustainably as a business. But building a community is…well…hard! It is a long-term play, involving a lot of doing-things-that-don’t-scale, juggling with multiple tools with inefficient manual workflows and with no easy way to measure impact.

From our experience, and after interacting with hundreds of Community builders, leaders, experts, creators, and managers, we realised that there are a lot of engagement tools and analytics tools that are built for decision-makers but none that are built to help community-builders operationally. We believe Community builders are the shapers of our future and they deserve unfair advantages.

Threado is the command centre for Community builders like you. We make community management unimaginably easier with the help of actionable insights, personalised interactions, and workflow automation. Threado goes beyond just visualising data to offer you a powerful messaging and automation platform that can help supercharge your community-building experience.

What all can I do with Threado?

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your community: have an overview of engagement and keep an eye out for changing patterns by comparing metrics. Threado gives you information about the most active and engaged members of the community. You can directly send them DMs or acknowledge their contributions to the community.
  • Personalise your reach-outs at scale: create custom member cohorts based on their engagement behaviour and send personalized messages.
  • Automate all your workflows: one of the key features that make Threado stand out is automating critical community-building workflows. You can set workflows to automate processes like onboarding, activation, re-engagement, conducting surveys and more.
  • Community support – it can be difficult to handle communications in larger communities so Threado lets you keep track of questions or posts that didn’t have any engagement. You can engage directly from the dashboard.

What can Threado do for you?

Activity: Get a bird’s-eye view of your community

  • Summary: As soon as you get to the dashboard, you’ll be greeted by a quick summary of your community across multiple platforms. You can see metrics like members who joined, messages that were posted, reactions that were received, and more. Take a look at the most active members, contributors, new members, and directly engage with them.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

  • Engagement Analytics: Next, navigate to Engagement analytics right below the Summary tab where you can see a graphical representation of engagement in your community over time. You can toggle between different platforms, filter by channels, and view engagement analytics accordingly.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

  • Retention Analytics: This gives you a graphical and tabular representation of member retention across the span of the last 6 weeks. See how many new members interacted since they joined, what percentage of them were retained, and how did their interaction develop/recede over time.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

Members: create custom member cohorts and personalize your reach-outs

Get a detailed view of all the members in your community and their engagement across all platforms. You can filter out members based on their engagement behaviour, create custom member cohorts, configure engagement levels, and most important, send personalized messages to these custom-defined member groups.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

Support: never miss an unanswered question

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to stay on top of is unanswered questions in the community, especially if it’s a larger one. Keeping track of all questions and discussion threads can be stressful and increasingly demanding. The Support dashboard gives you all the posts, in one place, which you can filter by keyword or questions without a reply, so you can monitor and directly reply from the dashboard.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

Automations: automate critical workflows in minutes

Create custom workflows with conditional triggers for member onboarding, activation, re-engagement, conducting surveys, and a lot more. Choose to send DMs, define time delays, tag members, and even collect survey responses with our powerful visual workflow builder.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

Notifications: for you to keep track of every update

Navigate down to the navigation section to see what recent changes or updates have been made in the community. This is also a great way to keep track of whatever you’ve done in the community since the time you set it up on Threado.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

Settings: customize your community settings

Update settings pertaining to company, community, and team. You can choose to remove or add integrations, create a new community integration, toggle between different communities and make changes to your community team.

Threado Reviews:Instant support that delights your customers

Menu Options: log in, and log out, easily!

It pretty much only shows your profile and gives you the option to log out of Threado.

The intelligent support sidekick for your

online community
SaaS product

Slack workspace

Discord server

brand website

cohort-based course

online community

Set up your AI sidekick in minutes


Train your sidekick with your community’s conversations, help doc URLs, documentation or PDFs.


Customize your AI. Test out the AI performance and fine-tune the behavior.


Provide instant support, anywhere. Install your AI sidekick on Slack, Discord or embed it on a webpage.

Instant support that delights your customers

Help given to those who ask for it, instantly

Threado AI seamlessly integrates with your Slack or Discord community. You can even embed it on your webpage. Support your users with instant, accurate answers.

Jedi-level training capabilities

Train the Threado AI Bot on community’s conversations, your online knowledge-bases, your website and your PDFs. Knowledge really knows no bounds.

Leave no question unanswered

Gain deep insights into what your community needs help with to easily train your sidekick and continuously enhance  it’s performance.

Measure, review and improve with ease

Unlock a comprehensive view of the bot’s performance, from feedback to total queries solved. Drive meaningful improvements and forge stronger connections with your community.

Case Studies

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Customer reviews

In a busy community, there’s often a direct correlation between how efficiently questions from members get answered and overall community satisfaction. With their latest AI development, Threado saves our bandwidth by leveraging our existing knowledge base material to solve questions from community members on the fly. That’s remarkable and potentially game changing.

Kevin Newsum

The answers are pretty solid! It did a good job of finding the right content for the questions asked.

David Spinks

The bot has been incredible for our processes and surfaces complex answers in seconds. It will become integral to our business as we continue to train it on our content.

Andrew Foxwell

We’ve been Beta testing Threado’s AI bot in Scaler’s Discord community (>100k members), and it’s been helpful to answer FAQs asked by the community. Especially at times when the team is not active. It’s super easy to train the bot on PDFs/ URLs and Discord channels. Excited to see how this can improve our community experience further.


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