Bitskout:Get data from your docs & emails without technicalities

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Bitskout:Get data from your docs & emails without technicalities

Create plugins that read and extract data from documents, and emails in a few clicks and use them in the tools like Asana, Zapier, or Power Automate.

Bitskout is a software platform where you can hire AI to manage back-office tasks. Using Bitskout, you can create plugins that can read and extract data from documents, emails, and images in a few clicks without technicalities. You can then use those plugins in your tools like Asana, Zapier, or and stop wasting time typing data into tools.

Bitskout has 40+ templates to start with – invoices, purchase orders, bank statements, legal documents – in less than 10 minutes you can be up and running your automations and focus on meaningful work.
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Start in seconds with templates

Use 40+ Bitskout templates – browse for ready-made plugins by selecting your team area or using a simple search. Extract data from Purchase Orders, Invoices, CVs, and Bills of Lading.

Power Up Your Current Tools

Bitskout plugins integrate into your tools – You can add Bitskout Rules in Asana or Bitskout recipes in And via Zapier and Power Automate, you can use the plugin with any process you have.

Instant Answers About Your Operations

How much did we pay for Amazon in December?”, “What account we used to pay for PO 1514134?” – with Bitskout agents you can get answers about all processed information in a few clicks. Simply set appropriate permissions in your plugins and Bitskout Agent will provide you with immediate answers.

You’re 10 minutes Away from Getting an Extra Day Per Week 

Offload repetitive and manual data entry tasks to Bitskout plugins that work 24/7, never complain, and never get tired. 

  • First 50 plugin runs are on us
  • No coding or technicalities in using plugins
  • 40+ templates to play around
  • Integrated to tools you are using

How to Extract Data from Any Document with Bitskout – SEC fillings example

In this video we demonstrate how using Bitskout you can setup document extraction for any document with just a few examples. We will use SEC fillings forms 10-Q and 8-K to setup document extraction to our tools. Using just two examples we are able to setup document extraction in a few minutes.

Bitskout Features

Powered by AI that you can actually use.

All Bitskout plugins are powered by AI. AI allows Bitskout to understand your tasks with a few examples. The power of comprehension combined with simple UI is what makes Bitskout different.

Show Bitskout What You Need

Bitskout is driven by your examples. Whether you want to extract data from a document or an email – just add examples and tell Bitskout what you want to extract. Even with a few examples, Bitskout can understand what’s required.

Test Plugins Directly In Bitskout

Test your plugin directly in Bitskout and if required just add more examples. Testing inside Bitskout does not consume your transactions and allows you to check your plugins right away.

Extract Data from Any Doc in Any Language

Create plugins to extract data from your own documents with just a few examples – works with PDF and even photos of the documents. The documents can be in any format as long as they are about the same thing.

40+ Templates to Start

Use the Templates library to create plugins in minutes without the hassle and start saving time immediately. Extract data from invoices, purchase order, tax forms, business cards and other standard documents. 

Customer Reviews

In helps automate my work and gives me more time to focus on other work. I would definitely recommend Bitskout.

From the first go, we started discovering other areas where the solution will create value for us

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