Noty AI Reviews:Your Workplace AI Assistant

About Noty AI is an AI meeting assistant that transforms all your conversations on Zoom and Google Meet into real-time transcripts. With 1-click highlights, you can take your meeting minutes in seconds and stay more engaged in conversations. also provides pre-drafted follow-ups, making email communication quick and easy. You can share your conversations and transcripts with your entire team via link or by adding them to your workspace for team collaboration.

Noty AI Reviews:Your Workplace AI Assistant

Turn communication into actionable to-dos. Unlock 2 extra hours daily by automating routines and making meetings 100% actionable.

Your Workplace AI Assistant

Noty AI Reviews:Your Workplace AI Assistant

Seamless integration with essential teamwork tools

Noty natively integrates with your favourite communication and collaboration tools. Eliminate the communication gap with meeting summaries, action plans, to-do lists, and instant transcriptions, ready for your team to collaborate on.

Noty AI Features

Jump into action with to-do lists

Elevate your productivity with to-do lists generated from meeting content. Prioritize tasks effortlessly, organize your work in seconds, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. From simple reminders to complex project tasks, to-do lists make life easier and help you stay ahead of the workload.

We had too many meetings and not enough action. We’re all in sync now with Noty summaries. To-do lists help us get to action by almost 40% faster.–Sophie, Project Manager

Turn your meeting minutes into moments

Transform the way you engage with meeting attendees through meeting summaries. AI-driven summaries capture the essence of your discussions. Let your team get valuable insights at a glance. Be it for review or record-keeping, these succinct yet comprehensive summaries keep you well-informed and prepared for action. made our recruiting process a lot easier. We can focus more on candidate interaction. Sharing recaps has simplified decision-making and sped up our hiring.—Andre, HR Manager

Save 1 hour per meeting with AI follow-ups

Capture every detail of your meetings, and webinars with meeting transcriptions, notes, and follow-ups. With 95% accuracy and context-aware notations, you can immerse yourself in meetings without worrying about notes. Search, share, and export meeting highlights and notes. Revisit and analyze any conversation, anytime.  

Design and research are all about details. helps you digest hours of discussions. We’ve been more productive and had more time to be creative.–Emily, UX Research Lead

Easily collaborate as a team

Instantly engage your team by sharing accurate and digestible meeting transcriptions, intelligent highlights, and up-to-the-point summaries. Send meeting, lecture, webinar, or call content to Google Docs with a single click. Keep everyone on the same page and watch your productivity grow by 50%.

Planning is king when it comes to managing an engineering team. Now we spend time on actual development, because handles the admin work–Nik, Engineering Team

How Noty AI helps you

Project Management

Navigate around project bottlenecks with Noty! Instantly update your team on project status, assign to-dos, and share milestones. Never miss a detail again—keep all conversations on record for a streamlined workflow.

UX/UI Researchers

Revolutionize your design process. Use Noty to store all meeting insights and eliminate endless design revisions. Create a go-to UX knowledge hub with our AI-powered transcription tools.

Sales and Discovery

Smash your sales targets using Noty. One-click follow-ups and AI-generated summaries let you focus on client relationships and closing deals. Create sales tactics that works.

Product Management

Master the juggle of tasks and timelines with Noty. Stay fully present in meetings while our AI handles note-taking so you can focus on things that matter. From ideation to roadmapping, make each meeting count.

HR and Recruitment

Ace your interviews with Noty. AI workplace assistant automatically saves your meeting data to let you focus on candidate fit. Streamline hand-offs, track progress, and nail those one-on-ones.

Engineering Teams

Elevate your team’s output with Noty. Use meeting transcriptions, 1-click meeting notes, and AI-generated action items to turbocharge post-meeting productivity.

Customer Reviews

See what our users say about us

“It saved me 20 hours a month by streamlining workflows”

This calendar app has been a lifesaver! I used to forget important events, but now I’m always on top of my schedule.

Robert Schmidt

“We save hours just managing meeting summaries and follow-ups”

Really great app, friendly UI and it’s really good to use in a meeting because the other user doesn’t see the script being recorded.

Stephanie Cameron

“Meeting tool for busy people”

It’s a very convenient application for a business person who doesn’t have enough time for anything. I like that it is convenient for me.

Elizabeth Daniels

Project Manager

“Cut my project management time in half”

Noty improves productivity and efficiency during meetings. Its ability to generate meeting minutes saves a lot of time and effort.

Mahdi Shariff

Delivery Manager

“We use Noty for customer interviews”

It’s handy to pay attention to the call & add a pin when a key insight comes up. Great way to keep the talk flowing!

Elias Veris

Project Manager

“It took our meetings to the next level”

Noty revolutionized the way we conduct our meetings. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to boost their productivity.

Vitalii Romanchenko

CEO of

“Saves me 2 hours daily”

Noty is used mainly for conversation with prospects and clients. I share MoM right after the meeting with my colleagues and save it for future.

Valentine D.

Head of Marketing

“Accomplishing more with 40% less effort”

It helps me to understand my international colleagues, whose accents I don’t understand. It saves my time, so I stay focused on conversation.

Rina Li

HR Specialist

“With AI, it’s like having an extra team member that never sleeps!”

Much better than a lot of other “similar” tools; and the ChatGPT feature is a game changer – and ok with the French language!

Christophe HK

Senior Delivery Manager


How many languages does Noty transcribe?

Noty for Google Meet transcribes 18 languages ( English, German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico) (beta), French, French (Canada) (beta), Indonesian, Italian (beta), Japanese (beta), Korean (beta), Dutch (beta), Polish (beta), Portuguese (beta), Portuguese (Brazil) (beta), Romanian (beta), Thai (beta), Turkish (beta), Vietnamese (beta). ) Noty for Zoom transcribes English.

How accurate is Noty meeting transcription?

The accuracy for Google Meet transcriptions is 95%. The accucacy for Zoom transcription is 94%.

What is AI meeting trascript summarization?

Noty uses ChatGPT to analyze your meeting transcripts and pull out the essential information, like the main topics of conversation, the decisions that have been made, the assigned tasks and action items for the participants.

What types of AI meeting summarization does Noty offer?

We offer our users four types of predefined summarization: – summary – action items – decisions – tasks. We are also planning to add custom summarization to enable our users to create their own prompts to ChatGPT.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer 25% discount for users paying quartely. We also have a special discount for teams of 51+ users.

Do you have storage or email limitations?

Noty doesn’t have limitations to the number of transcriptions stored, or emails sent.

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