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Krea AI

Krea AI is a breakthrough design tool. This platform enables you to train a personalized AI using your images, tailoring it to your unique style.


What is Krea AI?

KREA is a new kind of creative tool that uses AI to generate high quality visuals. It allows digital artists to explore different styles, concepts, or products and create stunning images.

What does krea ai do?

Krea AI operates by allowing users to upload images, train the AI on their distinctive styles, and subsequently generate visuals in canvas.

How to use Krea AI?

  1. Upload images: Start by uploading images that represent your preferred styles, concepts, or products.
  2. Train AI: Train the AI engine with your uploaded images to make it understand your preferences.
  3. Generate in canvas art: Use the trained AI to generate high quality visuals on the canvas using the BOLDTRON art algorithm.

Krea AI Features

  • AI-powered image generation
  • Full control over the AI
  • Various use cases including graphic design, product photography, concept art, and architecture
  • Intuitive yet powerful tool
  • Stable diffusion XL AI engine
  • Dark mode support
  • Private beta access
  • Improved image variations
  • Community AI trainings
  • Inpainting and stylization features
  • Mix custom AI models
  • Image prompts for generation
  • Mobile support