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Getimg AI

Easily generate images from text, edit photos with words, expand pictures beyond their borders, train custom AI models and much more.


What is Getimg AI

Expand pictures beyond their original borders, or craft custom AI models. Produce original images at scale or modify photos to your liking. DreamBooth. Upscaler. Highlights: No Credit Card Required, Guides Available.

Revolutionary tools

AI Generator

Turn text into amazing images. Unleash your imagination and create anything.

AI Image Editor

Fast and easy to use image editing with various AI pipelines and utilities.

AI Canvas

Unlimited creative possibilities on infinite canvas workspace.


Customize AI models to create anything from avatars, to product shots.

Image generation

AI Art

Effortlessly create unique artworks by bringing together your imagination and the power of generative AI.

Anime Art

Easily create exceptional anime art online with the joint power of AI and your imagination.

Stock photos

Generate your own license-free stock photos using our powerful photo-realistic AI models.


Make perfect headshots for your CV, Tinder, or other documents based on your own photographs.

AI Avatars

Use our powerful AI tools to create a one-of-a-kind illustrated persona for yourself or your brand.


Use the joint power of your imagination and generative AI to easily make your own unique wallpapers.

Blog images

Quickly and easily create multiple license-free images matching the style of your blog with the help of generative AI.

Product Photography

Use the AI DreamBooth model to make a perfect photo shoot for your products without hiring a professional photographer.

Character Design

Create fictional characters for your games, books, or marketing campaigns.

Logo Design

Generate unique logo ideas for your product or company within seconds.


Change the look of your models with Image Editor or design new apparel with the power of AI.

AI Interior Design

Use AI to create inspirational designs for interiors or quickly render realistic images from sketches with ControlNet.

Social Media Assets

Post exclusive content on your social media, use AI to generate pictures of you or your product in various setups and stunning locations.

2D Game Assets

Generate original concept art and game assets to reduce time-to-market or offer personalized experiences.


Use AI to create stunning content for your marketing campaigns, generate inspiring ideas, or easily edit your product pictures.

Creative Workflows

Generate original images at scale.

Unleash your imagination and create any type of image or art with text. Use your creativity to mix different art styles, or just describe what you want to see and watch the AI bring your ideas to life. Use one of 60+ community-trained models to apply a unique style to your creations, or train custom model based on your own art.

Lightning fast image generator.

Real-Time AI Generator is so fast that the image changes before your eyes while writing a prompt! Upload your pictures and edit them using prompts. Switch between three styles: Photorealism, Art, and Anime, to find the one that best fits your vision. Finally, if you don’t like what’s generated, just change the seed to get something new.

Expand pictures beyond their borders.

Make your artwork creation process faster thanks to AI. With our advanced Editor, you can generate missing parts of any photo or create stunning large art pieces on infinitely sized canvas. There are literally no limits here.

Edit images with only text.

Easily modify small details or change whole visual features on any picture. Use AI inpainting to remove unwanted objects from images, or alter any other elements. Just draw a mask on the image and tell AI what to render in that place.

Create your custom AI model.

Get a personalized AI model. It’s as easy as uploading 10 pictures. Whether you want to create AI avatars for yourself or your team, need to render beautiful images of your product in different scenarios, or just want to have your own AI model to generate ideas with your style. We’ve got you covered. Every model is hosted on and available to use in seconds.

Guide AI using your own images.

Take your creative workflow to the next level by controlling AI image generation with the source images and different ControlNet models. Explore it yourself, or see available pipelines.

Integrate with simple and flexible API.

Generate and edit images with the latest Stable Diffusion based models using our easy-to-use REST API. Focus on building next-gen AI experiences rather than on maintaining own GPU infrastructure.