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Unleash the full power of AI with GPT Hero's carefully curated GPTs.


Unleash the full power of AI with GPT Hero’s carefully curated GPTs.

What is GPT Hero?

GPT Hero serves as a curated marketplace and collaborative hub where developers, marketers, designers, and enthusiasts converge to explore, create, and share the latest advancements in AI technology.

Featured GPTs

Find A Custom GPT

Find A Custom GPT is a sophisticated piece of software that uses the power of internet-enabled machine learning to seek out indexed Custom GPT’s. This tool scans the web, using vigorous algorithms to search and compile a comprehensive list of accessible GPTs. Whether for a business endeavours, personal projects, educational purposes or entertainment, Find A Custom GPT goes beyond the surface to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.


Canva is an innovative online platform that enables you to design stunning visuals effortlessly. With the aim to democratise design, Canva offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to create anything from presentations, logos to social media posts and much more. No design skills needed, Canva empowers everyone to bring their ideas to life.


PokeSpawner is an imaginative and interactive AI tool designed for Pokémon enthusiasts, created by Josh Brent N. Villocido. This innovative GPT specializes in generating unique Pokémon characters based on user input. Whether it’s creating a Pokémon with specific attributes, such as being based on cooking, or a particular type combination like water/fire, PokeSpawner brings creative ideas to life in the Pokémon universe. It also has the capability to design Pokémon suited for specific regions, like Alola, and can even balance Pokémon for competitive play.