Eightfold AI Reviews:The AI is used to match a candidate’s capabilities to open roles

About Eightfold AI

Eightfold is a talent intelligence AI-powered platform that unifies talent data to provide actionable insights for informed hiring decisions. Eightfold offers talent management, talent acquisition, talent flex, and DE&I solutions, while ensuring governance and compliance with global standards and best practices. The platform helps unlock workforce and hiring potential with unbiased AI.

Eightfold AI Reviews:The AI is used to match a candidate's capabilities to open roles

What does the Eightfold AI do?

The AI is used to match a candidate’s capabilities to open roles. A candidate can see the roles for which they’re a strong match, and why they’re a match. This gives them the confidence to apply for the jobs, and has resulted in much higher click-to-apply rates.

Everything talent, powered by AI

Our AI platform for all talent brings to light everything you need to hire and develop people to their highest potential

The Talent Intelligence Platform

Powered by deep-learning AI, our unrivaled Talent Intelligence Platform shows you what you need, when you need it. Whether you’re finding or developing talent, our skills-driven approach backed by our unparalleled talent insights enables the outcomes you need to stay ahead.

Talent Acquisition

Go beyond reviewing résumés

Our intuitive and agile deep-learning AI makes it easier to find candidates and work with your talent management team to overcome informational silos.

  • Find great new talent, anytime
  • Surface the skills you need, build your workforce
  • Discover greatness — see what candidates can do

Talent Management

Retain, engage, and champion your workforce

Use data-driven insights to develop meaningful and rewarding career paths.

  • Match employees with the right internal jobs
  • Offer learning and development opportunities to advance your people’s skills — and set them up for success
  • Connect people with the right upskilling and reskilling options, at the right time

Talent Flex

Find better contingent talent, faster

Build a stronger network of contingent workers with the skills you need.

  • Get the flexibility you need to support your organization, no matter what comes your way
  • Access a strong talent pool that’s always ready to deliver
  • Directly engage — and rehire — contingent workers who know your organization

Workforce Exchange

Engage people with rewarding work and opportunities

Connect job seekers, career supporters, and employers through public and private sector sponsored workforce exchanges.

  • Deliver the best job and training recommendations to candidates
  • See the potential of job seekers to succeed in roles
  • Enable faster employment while supporting economic growth and diversity

Resource Management

Take a skills-based approach to project staffing

Use skills, potential, and learnability to intelligently match the right people to the right projects, faster than ever before.

  • Match the right work to the right skills
  • Offers availability, skills, and booking in one system
  • Capture new and emerging skills in real time

Why Eightfold AI

Great talent teams deserve a great platform. That’s why we built a single AI platform that does it all:

Best-in-class intelligence and talent insights

Powered by deep-learning AI, we surface insights when and where you need them most

Unparalleled AI technology helps you make better decisions

We harness the data of 1B+ career trajectories and 1M+ skills worldwide to give a truly global view of talent and skills insights. Learn more about responsible AI in HR

Our products are designed to deliver greatness

Our Talent Intelligence Platform is easy to use, insightful, and delivers fast results

Eightfold AI Solutions

Drive extraordinary results

From talent acquisition to management, our AI platform provides you a single view of talent across your entire workforce to inform every talent decision.

Culivate and discover new talent

Attract new employees and find existing talent ready for a new opportunity with Al-powered talent intelligence.

Support and further DEI goals

Increase positive business outcomes with a strong DEI strategy powered by AI.

Responsible and ethical Al

Our Talent Intelligence Platform is committed to compliance, security, and accessibility.

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