Manatal Reviews:an AI Recruitment Software enabling human resources departments and recruitment agencies to source and hire in the most effective way

About Manatal

Manatal is an AI-powered recruitment tool designed to source, screen and hire candidates faster. It offers a customizable pipeline with job board integrations, AI-powered recommendations, branded career pages, candidate onboarding, placement management, and more. It’s easy-to-use and one of the leading AI recruitment tools trusted by 10,000 recruitment teams in 135+ countries. You can try it for free for 14 days with no credit card required and no commitment!

Manatal Reviews:an AI Recruitment Software enabling human resources departments and recruitment agencies to source and hire in the most effective way

Manatal is an AI Recruitment Software enabling human resources departments and recruitment agencies to source and hire in the most effective way

What is manatal used for?

Manatal is a recruiting software solution designed for in-house hiring teams or recruiting, staffing and headhunting agencies. Its candidate database is set up to collect and organize contacts and candidates easily to fill your job openings more efficiently.

AI Recruitment Software designed to source and hire candidates faster. Tailored for HR teams, recruitment agencies, and headhunters.

Is manatal safe to use?

Manatal is served completely over https. We have two-factor authentication (2FA) processes in place and strong password policies on GitHub, Heroku, and AWS to ensure access to cloud services is protected.

Manatal Features

Candidate Sourcing

Source candidates from 2500+ job boards integrations, a branded career page, a LinkedIn extension, referral program, and more.

Applicant Tracking

Fast-track recruitment operations with a feature-rich and highly customizable applicant tracking system.

Recruitment CRM

Recruitment CRM dedicated agencies and headhunters to keep track of commercial activity, clients, placements, and revenue.

Candidate Enrichment

Go beyond resume parsing and build comprehensive candidate profiles with data from their LinkedIn and 20+ social platforms.

AI Recommendations

Leverage Manatal’s AI Engine, search tools, filters and candidate scoring to find the best talent in your database.

Collaboration & Activities

Manage user roles and invite hiring managers to collaborate. Integrate your calendar and mailbox to optimize your time management.

Reports & Analytics

Customize your dashboard and access to a full reporting and analytics suite to track metrics and KPIs that matter.

Branded Career Page

Build your own customizable career page or integrate an existing one. Design custom application forms tailored to your vacancies.

Support & Assistance

Reach out to us 24/5 through live chat or email. Find answers to your questions in our documentation.

Data Privacy Compliance

Remains up to date with the latest privacy policies, with absolute control of your data and the highest security credentials.

Transform the way you recruit

Easy-to-use Recruitment Software

No steep learning curves or bloated interfaces. Manatal platform is simple yet powerful; accessible and relevant to all recruiters.

  • Customizable pipeline: Customize your recruitment pipeline based on your process with a slick drag-and-drop interface.
  • Kanban board: Get an overview of your recruitment progresses in one single-board view.

Post your jobs on 2,500+ Free & Premium Channels

Share your job openings on 2,500+ free and premium channels, including local, global, and specialized job platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerJet, JobStreet, and many more.

  • 2,500+ job boards: Global, local and specialized free and premium platforms integrated natively.
  • Manage all your sponsored job advertising campaigns from a single platform.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Manatal AI Engine simplifies the whole hiring process by suggesting the best candidates for a given job while automating redundant tasks.

  • Matching recommendations: Score candidates’ profiles based on job requirements to facilitate your screening process.
  • Candidates’ profiles enrichment: Enrich candidates’ profiles with LinkedIn and other social media data for better matching recommendations.

Candidates’ Profiles Enrichment

Collect insights beyond resume. Manatal AI Engine browses the web in search of data on 20+ social media and public platforms to automatically enrich candidates’ profiles.

  • Data enrichment done seamlessly during the candidate creation.
  • 20+ social and public platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Medium and many more.

Progressive Mobile Application

Access Manatal from your computer, phone, or tablet to ensure you never miss any activity, wherever you are.

  • Recruit on the go: Access all Manatal features from all your devices.
  • Receive notifications: Get notified for reminders, and specific events.

Customize or Link your Branded Career Page

Portray your company’s brand in your favorite language and proudly communicate who you are to visiting top talent. Showcase your company culture and display your values by creating or linking your Career Page for an efficient recruitment process.

  • No development required: Our Career Page can be set up and customized with no technical resources.
  • Fast setup and compatibility with all web platforms: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and others.

Candidate Onboarding & Placement Management

Track and manage every new hire or placement throughout every step of their employment experience, from offer letter to onboarding and beyond. Leverage the full potential of Manatal’s recruiting software and customize the onboarding milestones to reflect your own process.

  • Keep track of onboarding events such as starting dates, probation periods, or end of employment.
  • Customize onboarding milestones for a given job.

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