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About DeepMate

DeepMate’s AI interview assistant helps companies and recruiters streamline and improve their hiring process. It can automatically generate customized interview questions based on the candidate, CV, and role requirements. It then analyzes responses and provides post-interview insights so recruiters can quickly identify the right fit.


Job Interview Automation with AI ,Job Interview Automation with AI | Recruitment | Human Resource Services


DeepMate 1 minute Video Explainer

Prepare, Conduct, and Summarize job interviews just in 3 simple steps!


Create and conduct job interviews effortlessly.

Generate job interview questions by a Position Name, Job Description and/or Candidate’s CV.

Anyone can do it easy as 1 – 2 – 3.


Experience smart Speech Recognition with AI-powered Live Skill Evaluation. No need to think about what questions to ask in an interview – DeepMate will suggest ones considering the candidate’s profile and position requirements.


Focus on what brings you value!


Get detailed  Candidate Feedback as soon as the interview is finished. Multiply the performance of your Recruitment and Human Resource Services performance.

Routine tasks are fun now

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