Kula AI Reviews:help you generate better‒performing outreach emails

About Kula AI

Kula AI is an AI recruitment assistant that helps recruiters quickly create personalized and thoughtful cold email outreach to candidates.The tool is designed to be quick and easy to use. Recruiters simply select the intent, role, pick an AI content block to focus on a part of the candidate’s background, choose a tone, and Kula AI generates a thoughtful email on their behalf.

Kula AI Reviews:help you generate better‒performing outreach emails

Kula AI can help you generate better‒performing outreach emails with the press of a button

Kula AI Main Features

  • Generate unique emails tailored to the candidate’s background with just a few clicks
  • Personalize emails by highlighting the candidate’s specific skills, experience, and motivators
  • Choose from different email tones like casual, professional, enthusiastic
  • Saves recruiters hours of research and drafting for each message
  • Increased response rates and hires reported

Meet Kula AI The wingman you need

Our AI enables you to create personalized messages
to connect with candidates in a thoughtful way.
Kula AI generates messages to suit each candidate’s experience, skills, and background. Plus, you
get to choose from a wide array of tones.

Outbound Recruitment Automation Platform

Automate messages across channels

Unlock automated 10-step message sequences via emails and InMails – featuring AI-driven hyper-personalization, perfectly tailored to candidates’ backgrounds and skills.

Send sequences on behalf of different senders, like hiring managers and founders, scheduled for various channels, times, time zones, and days.

Auto-magically source candidates

Maximize efficiency with the Kula Everywhere Chrome extension – effortlessly gather ideal candidates from LinkedIn and GitHub, automate LinkedIn connection requests and InMails.

Rest easy knowing our world-class enrichment delivers messages to prospects’ primary inboxes.

Hire from your internal talent pool

Centralize your scattered employee networks from LinkedIn, Gmail, and spreadsheets onto a unified database.

Use filters to find the finest prospects with filters and effortlessly request one-click warm referral introductions.

Get detailed team insights at a glance

Discover valuable insights through a snapshot of candidate outreach stages, revealing funnel drop-offs.

Stay on top of your outbound recruitment function by tracking team performance, track KPIs, measure employee referral program ROI, and more.

We seamlessly integrate with your tech stack.

We integrate with prospecting tools, ATS, and other essentials in your hiring stack. You can access all your data in a single, unified location and say goodbye to switching back and forth between platforms.


We deliver all your emails straight to the candidate’s primary Gmail inbox, avoiding any potential spam categorization. This functionality forms the foundation for maximizing the visibility of your messages.


Our ultimate aim is to simplify recruiting efforts, and by integrating with Greenhouse, we establish a smooth, bidirectional data sync, sparing you from the hassle of constantly toggling between platforms.

Google Sheet

If you’re using Sheets to organize and track candidate data and responses, you can effortlessly import this information to Kula. There’s no need to start from scratch; our goal is to provide you an easier hiring experience.


With the Lever integration, you gain the ability to access all your outreach activity and candidate responses within a single platform, eliminating the need to open another tab for this purpose.


If you’re actively seeking technical talent, this integration is tailor-made for you. Apply your chosen filters, effortlessly add promising candidates to our Kula Everywhere Chrome extension, and you’re good to go.


Receive notifications like candidate responses, message opens, bounces, updates to stage, introductions and referrals in your Slack workspace. We’re dedicated to streamlining your workday for maximum efficiency.

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