Talently.ai Reviews:an AI-powered interviewing assistant

About Talently.ai

Talently.ai is an AI-powered interviewing assistant that can conduct conversational video interviews with candidates, emulating a real human interviewer. During the interview, it asks tailored questions based on the job role and evaluates the candidate’s responses in real-time. After the interview, the AI provides an objective candidate score and actionable insights to help you make hiring decisions quickly. It can handle technical interviews too, with live coding challenges to test programming skills.

Talently.ai Reviews:an AI-powered interviewing assistant

Talently.ai offers a free 2-week trial so you can test it out. Pricing plans are available based on the number of interviews needed per month.

Talently.ai: Your AI Interviewer

An AI interviewer that conducts live, conversational interviews and gives real-time evaluations to effortlessly identify top performers. Say goodbye to manual screening and hello to smarter recruiting.

AI-Powered Interviews

Experience real-time, automated interviews that emulate human interaction.

  • Real-time evaluations
  • Human-like interaction
  • Automated scheduling

Talently.ai Reviews:an AI-powered interviewing assistant

Detailed Candidate Scoring

Receive insightful, objective scores for every interviewee, aiding in precise decision-making.

  • Objective candidate assessment
  • Actionable insights provided
  • Precise decision-making

Talently.ai Reviews:an AI-powered interviewing assistant

Any Role in the World

Input any job description from around the globe and watch Talently.ai conduct precise interviews tailored to the specified role.

  • Role-specific interviewing
  • Tailored evaluation metrics
  • Tailored questions based on roles

Introducing Live Coding Interviews

Talently.ai can now conduct technical assessments through live coding sessions during interviews, allowing candidates to demonstrate their skills in real-time.


How it works

Talently.ai brings forth a new way to vet and hire your desired Talent.

the old way

Talently.ai Reviews:an AI-powered interviewing assistant

the new way

Talently.ai Reviews:an AI-powered interviewing assistant


What is Talently.ai?

Talently.ai is an AI-powered interview platform designed to streamline the recruitment process by conducting live, conversational interviews and providing real-time evaluations to help identify top-performing candidates effortlessly.

How does Talently.ai conduct interviews?

Talently.ai utilizes advanced AI technology to engage candidates in live, conversational interviews. For technical roles, it also facilitates live coding sessions to accurately assess candidates’ technical skills.

How is candidate performance evaluated?

The platform analyzes candidates’ responses and performance during the interview and provides insightful, objective scores based on predefined criteria tailored to the job description provided.

Can Talently.ai handle technical interviews?

Yes, Talently.ai is equipped to conduct rigorous technical interviews, including live coding sessions, to evaluate candidates’ technical competency accurately.

What kind of support can I expect?

The level of support depends on your chosen plan.

Can Talently.ai adapt to any job description?

Yes, Talently.ai is built to work with any job description worldwide, ensuring precise candidate evaluation irrespective of the role.

How do I get started with Talently.ai?

Getting started with Talently.ai is simple. Choose a plan that suits your needs, sign up, and you’ll be on your way to revolutionizing your hiring process.

Can I get a demo of Talently.ai?

Even better than a demo! We offer a 2-week risk free trial so you can sign up and use Talently.ai for two weeks.

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