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Replace Anything: Easily transform images into smooth, realistic animations.


What is ReplaceAnything

ReplaceAnything as you want: Ultra-high quality content replacement Institute for Intelligent Computing, Alibaba Group.


AIGC techniques have attracted lots of attention recently. They have demonstrated strong capabilities in the areas of image editing, image generation and so on. We find that generating new contents while strictly keeping the identity of use-specified object unchanged is of great demand, yet challenging. To this end, we propose ReplaceAnything framework. It can be used in many scenes, such as human replacement, clothing replacement, background replacement, and so on.

How to use ReplaceAnything

step1:Upload or select one image from Example

step2:Click on Input-image to select the object to be retained (or upload a white-black Mask image, in which white color indicates the region you want to keep unchanged)

step3:Input prompt or reference image (highly-recommended) for generating new contents

step4:Click Run button

Prompt Example

A young woman in short sleeves shows off a mobile phone

A young woman wears short sleeves, her hand is holding a bottle.

A woman is wearing a black suit against a blue background

A young woman poses in a dress, she stands in front of a blue background

White ground, white background, light coming in, Canon