How to Utilize Google Bard’s Latest AI Image Generation Tool

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How to Utilize Google Bard‘s Latest AI Image Generation Tool

Google Bard recently unveiled its integration of an AI image generator, as announced on the official Bard updates page. According to the tech giant, all you need to do to access this new feature is to “simply enter a few words to bring your imagination to life, starting with English prompts.”

How to Utilize Google Bard's Latest AI Image Generation Tool

However, there are a few additional requirements. Apart from internet access to open the Bard chatbot, you’ll need a Google account and must be located within the United States.

More details on this will follow, along with a workaround we’ve discovered to bypass this limitation. For now, here’s a concise step-by-step guide on how to make the most of the Bard AI generator:

  1. Launch Google Bard
  2. Sign in to your Google Account or create one
  3. Input a prompt for image generation

When crafting prompts for AI, it’s best to be as specific as possible. Start your prompt by clearly indicating that you want Bard to create an image.

The effectiveness of Bard’s image generator may vary based on your expectations. While experimenting with the new feature during my testing, I found it to be quite entertaining. However, at least in the free tier I examined, graphic designers may not find it particularly groundbreaking.

How to Access the Google Bard AI Image Generator from Anywhere

It’s worth noting a significant limitation of Google Bard’s AI image generator: it’s only accessible in certain countries, primarily the United States. Other key markets, such as the UK and much of Europe, do not yet have access to this feature.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: using a VPN. A Virtual Private Network allows you to reroute your IP address through a server in another country, effectively making your computer appear as though it’s located elsewhere.

With a VPN, you can access software features that are restricted to specific regions, like the new Google Bard image generator. VPN usage is legal in many countries, and I can confirm that this method works for accessing Bard’s AI image generator from outside the US. Simply install a reputable VPN and set your location to the US before reopening Bard.

To fully explore Bard’s image generator capabilities, I tested it with various generic prompts to assess its overall performance, as most users are likely to use it in a similar manner.

For instance, I asked Bard to envision the upcoming Super Bowl showdown between the Chiefs and 49ers. The resulting image, though intriguing, showcased Bard’s unique perspective on the event.

Similarly, when tasked with creating an image of a millennial man working remotely, Bard’s output exhibited a graphic novel aesthetic, which could be appealing in certain contexts.

In some instances, Bard’s limitations were evident, as it declined requests that might infringe on copyright, such as creating a poster for a TV show. Google appears to take copyright considerations seriously, which is commendable.

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