The Best Opus Clip Alternative for Creating Captions

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The Best Alternative to Opus Clip

Submagic is an AI tool like Opus Clip designed for content creators to create dynamic captions for short-form videos. In this comparison, we will present the various features and use cases of these two AI tools.

Submagic vs Opus Clip — Which AI tool should you choose?

If you’re looking to create great short-form videos for social media, Submagic and Opus Clip are two fantastic alternatives that will help you produce great content and save time. Submagic is an AI tool more focused on creating dynamic captions, while Opus Clip is an AI tool that repurposes long talking videos into shorts in one click. In this comparison, we’ll walk you through the distinct features of these tools and guide you toward the best fit for your needs.

Feature Comparison

Submagic and Opus Pro share a common goal: helping content creators in creating high-quality shorts with captions.
However, they have many different features. Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of the features they offer:

The Best Opus Clip Alternative for Creating Captions

Comparison Overview: Submagic, the best Opus Clip’s alternative

Opus Clip and Submagic have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Should you choose Opus Clip? Should you go to one of the Opus Clip competitors (Submagic)? Let’s start with a brief look into what these tools are:

Submagic – AI tool like Opus Clip

Submagic is an AI tool for content creators to create amazing dynamic captions in under 2 minutes. It is designed to help you save some time and money while helping you grow your engagement on short-form content. It’s a fantastic tool for creating subtitles on videos to post on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.


✅ Submagic highlights keywords and emojis automatically
✅ It auto generates Instagram, YouTube and TikTok descriptions, and trendy hashtags using AI
✅ Really intuitive, simple and easy to use, your video is ready to be exported in 3 clicks


❌ No trimming tool. You can’t trim your video once uploaded on Submagic.

Submagic Pricing

Starting at $20/month to $50/month

Submagic Review (Alternative of Opus Clip)

Entrepreneur: “My marketing team relies heavily on SubMagic for daily content creation tasks. It’s become an indispensable tool in their workflow and they simply can’t envision their workdays without it. It’s a game-changer for quick, intuitive video captioning. I’ve used other tools for captions but SubMagic is for me the best one.”

Submagic Reviews:Generate amazing captions for your shorts with AI

Opus Clip – Subtitle editor with loads of different features

Opus Clip is a video editor that helps you work smart instead of working hard! Opus clip, create short-form videos of your long-form video by trimming your video automatically and adding subtitles.


✅ Made for different browsers on desktop and mobile
✅ Repurposes long-form videos into short-form videos
✅ Easy to use features


❌ Less advanced subtitle animations
❌ Not adapted for Vlog, Gaming, and Music video content

Opus Clip Pricing

Starting at $19/month for a limit of 200 minutes of upload credits per month

Opus Clip Reviews

Content creator: “I love Opus Clip, I love the way to finds the gems in my videos and livestreams I can share on my other socials to highlight the best parts of my content and attract new audience members. It’s simple to use and hella powerful as a content repurposing machine. I’ve turned drip content in the raging torrent. Grab a raft and a slicker and get on the Opus Clip ship.”

The final verdict: Opus Clip or Submagic?

Choosing between Opus Clip and Submagic depends on your specific needs and how you plan to create your videos. Here’s why we believe Submagic is the best Opus Clip alternative.

If you have a podcast, Opus Clip will turn it into multiple shorts with AI. This means that you don’t spend valuable time trimming this long-form video for hours. Opus Clip will generate subtitles for your shorts, however, if you look for more advanced subtitle animations, you should definitely try one of Opus Clip’s competitors called “Submagic”.

When it comes to generating subtitles online for shorts, subtitles, and captions have to be original with a lot of freedom for you, so that you edit subtitles the way you want. If your main need is to make your subtitles different from classic built-in features on YouTube or other social media platforms, Submagic is one of the best Opus Clip alternatives, if not the greatest.

Submagic’s simplicity will allow you to differentiate your content from the competition with original subtitles in 3 clicks. This software also generates AI-powered descriptions and hashtags for your videos.

If you’re looking to create amazing dynamic subtitles and captions for your videos, we definitely recommend using this AI tool like Opus clip: Submagic! ?

Submagic’s video demo: the best Opus Clip alternative in 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Submagic better than Opus Clip for short videos?

It depends on your needs. If you want to auto-add personalized subtitles to shorts on TikTok and YouTube or Reels on Instagram, Submagic is the best subtitle tool in 2023. This is the best alternative for Opus Clip. You can easily add professionalism to your videos quickly with the best subtitles you could find on the caption market. If you are looking for more features such as repurposing your long-form video into short-form videos, Opus Clip offers it! It’s definitely worth trying both subtitling tools (Opus Clip and Submagic), but if you want to know our answer, you will prefer Submagic above many other Opus Clip alternatives! Not because it’s our tool, but because this subtitling tool has been tailored by our users since day 1! We build the product with you.

Can I create Alex Hormozi subtitles style with Opus Clip?

Yes, you can’t create subtitles in the Alex Hormozi style using Opus Clip. However, Submagic creates better subtitles! This Opus Clip alternative offers 3 subtitling templates that match Alex Hormozi’s unique subtitle style and animations. In just one click, you can create subtitles as your favorite content creator. If you’re not into Hormozi subtitle style, we’ve got you covered with other subtitle templates.

How many languages does Opus Clip support for my subtitles?

Opus Clip supports videos in 5 languages with unparalleled accuracy. If your language is not available on Opus Cli, you can always try its Opus Clip alternative called Submagic. Choose from 48 languages for your subtitles. From commonly spoken languages like Italian and French to less widespread ones like Tamil and Thai, our subtitling software ensures your content is accessible to a diverse global audience.

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

Subtitles, closed captions, and hardcoded subtitles serve the common purpose of providing text-based content for audiovisual media, but they differ in their implementation. Subtitles display a translated or transcribed text on-screen for viewers who understand the language spoken. Closed captions offer additional accessibility by including sound effects and speaker identification, catering to hearing-impaired audiences. Hardcoded subtitles are permanently embedded in the video, while the others can be toggled on or off during playback.

Is Opus Clip available on Desktop PC?

Opus Clip is an online tool available and responsive on both desktop (PC) and mobile! Launch your favorite browser and start using Opus Clip easily! Other Opus Clip alternatives are online and responsive for mobile and PC, such as This subtitle editor will generate subtitles in minutes with the magic of AI.

What are the best Opus Clip competitors?

Submagic is the best Opus Clip competitor. Submagic adds trendy and stylish subtitles in 3 three clicks, so that your content creation process is optimized. Isn’t that wonderful?

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