PPSPY Reviews:Track top winning products using AI


PPSPY is a powerful Shopify store spy tool that specializes in dropshipping and provides features such as sales tracking, product research, and Shopify theme design. It utilizes AI technology to help users find winning products for their Shopify dropshipping stores and track the sales of competitors. With PPSPY, users can discover best-selling products, explore competitor stores, analyze traffic sources, identify profitable one-product stores, and get inspiration for Shopify theme design.

PPSPY Reviews:Track top winning products using AI

Track Winning Product 10x Profitable with AI

The best product AI research tool to find the winning product for shopify dropshipping.

Use AI to discover competitors’ top-selling products to sell and improve your success rate by more than 50%.

Discover Best-selling Products

Use AI to identify bestselling products and help you discover winning products.

Track Any Competitor’s sales In Second

Get 15-day sales report.

  • Our proprietary AI powered algorithm predicts order data to give you a comprehensive view of your competitor’s performance. Use this data to make informed decisions and reach your goals.

Market Research By Shopify Store

Filter stores by revenue, search volume, keywords and more.

  • Filter out great stores by sales and revenue.
  • Gain insight into the various free and non-free traffic sources and traffic trends for the store.
  • Discover the store’s mainstream paid advertising platform.
  • Filter out the distribution of stores by region or language.
  • Use more store attributes to filter, such as: product tags, installed pixel, installed theme, installed app, etc.

Shopify Product Research

Get Best Shopify Dropshipping Items.

  • Find hot selling products based on monthly sales and monthly revenue
  • Find thousands of proven, award-winning products
  • Discover the latest product trends
  • Get inspiration for product landing page designs.
  • Filter by keyword, price range and product category.

Find One-product Stores

Find the best dropshipping niche.

  • Discover the best niche for dropshipping.
  • Discover the needs of very attractive customers.
  • Discover the most profitable products
  • Discover the best product presentation and the most engaging copy for your customers.

Shopify Theme Design Ideas

Learn the theme design of most stores.

  • Study shopify design ideas by shopify theme.
  • Study shopify design ideas by monthly traffic
  • Study shopify design ideas by websites language.
  • Study shopify design ideas by number of products.
  • Study shopify design ideas by product types and much more.

Traffic Research

Analyze stores by website traffic.

  • Analyze store traffic sources to identify stores with high traffic growth.
  • Discover stores that are promoted using SEO, social media, email, paid display, etc.

How to use PPSPY – Dropshipping by AI?

To use PPSPY, follow these steps:

1. Start by signing up for a free trial or installing the PPSPY app.
2. Explore the different features available, such as Product Sales Tracking, Product Explorer, Shop Explorer, Traffic Research, One-product Store, and Store Theme.
3. Use the AI-powered tools to find winning products, track competitors’ sales, and analyze traffic sources.
4. Filter and customize your research based on revenue, search volume, keywords, and more.
5. Gain insights into store trends, product trends, and customer needs.
6. Utilize the design ideas and themes from successful Shopify stores to enhance your own store’s attractiveness.
7. Make informed decisions based on the data and research provided by PPSPY to improve your Shopify dropshipping success rate.

Why Choose PPSPY?

PPSPY Reviews:Track top winning products using AI

Our promise: with ppspy, you can get most of your shopify needs met.

  • The best shopify sales tracker tool!
  • The most powerful and best shopify inspector & spy tool.
  • Shopify bestseller and trending product discovery tool
  • Data-powered and AI-assisted market research tools.
  • The best shopify tool for dropshipping.

PPSPY – Dropshipping by AI’s Core Features

Product Sales Tracking: Track competitor sales with a comprehensive view of their performance.

Product Explorer: Discover best-selling products and trends in the market.

Shop Explorer: Analyze competitor stores based on revenue, search volume, keywords, and more.

Traffic Research: Identify stores with high traffic growth and analyze traffic sources.

One-product Store: Find profitable one-product stores and explore the best dropshipping niche.

Store Theme: Study successful Shopify store designs and get ideas for theme design.

AI-powered Tools: Utilize AI technology to enhance product research and increase success rate.

Pricing: Check the pricing options available for PPSPY’s subscription plans.

PPSPY – Dropshipping by AI’s Use Cases

#1 Market Research: Filter and analyze Shopify stores based on various attributes, such as revenue, traffic sources, and region.
#2 Shopify Product Research: Find hot selling products based on sales and revenue, and discover the latest product trends.
#3 Find One-product Stores: Identify the best dropshipping niche and profitable products with engaging copy.
#4 Shopify Theme Design Ideas: Study successful Shopify store theme designs and learn from monthly traffic trends and product types.
#5 Traffic Research: Analyze stores’ traffic sources to identify high traffic growth and promotional strategies.

PPSPY Reviews

“PPSPY has taken my shopify business to the next level”

What do you like best?

PPSPY has helped me track many of my competitors’ shopify stores, giving me more clarity in my store and product decisions. My store sales and product orders have been at record highs as well.

I’ve also used other shopify spy tools. But only ppspy is fascinating to me. It understands shopify merchants too well. Not only can you track competitor sales, but also find stores, products, and even design store themes. PPSPY is the perfect tool. By the way, I really like its free tools.

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