Ideamap:Create, Collaborate, and Innovate with AI-Powered Brainstorming

About Ideamap

Accelerate idea generation and team collaboration with Ideamap, the ultimate AI-enhanced brainstorming tool designed to streamline your creative process. Energize your sessions and bring your team’s ideas to life faster than ever.

Ideamap:Create, Collaborate, and Innovate with AI-Powered Brainstorming

Ideamap isn’t just another brainstorming app; it’s a revolution in collaborative creativity. With its AI-driven features, Ideamap serves as a compass guiding your team through the brainstorming jungle, making sure no idea is left unexplored. Whether your goal is to hatch product features, marketing strategies, or out-of-the-box solutions, Ideamap is your gateway to innovation.

Ready to elevate your brainstorming game? Let Ideamap breathe AI magic into your workflows and witness your creativity get an instant boost.

Ideamap:Create, Collaborate, and Innovate with AI-Powered Brainstorming

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Ideamap Features:

  • Real-time AI-assisted brainstorming
  • Custom workspaces for teams or businesses
  • Virtual rooms for collaborative sessions
  • Shareable links, email invitations, website embeds, QR codes, and posters for easy access
  • Import and export capabilities for seamless integration of data
  • Native Microsoft Teams app integration
  • Advanced idea generation with AI Co-Pilots
  • AI-driven topic detection and framework templates
  • Duplicate idea detection
  • Challenge and inspiration generation for new brainstorming sessions
  • Agenda setting with timeboxed structure
  • Session timers for efficient brainstorm management
  • Goal setting for idea targets
  • Creative and fun background music options
  • Comprehensive voting system for idea prioritization
  • Magic Summary feature for instant session recaps

Ideamap Pros: 

  • Enhances productivity by speeding up brainstorming sessions
  • Encourages creative thinking with AI-generated prompts and ideas
  • Promotes collaboration with real-time shared workspaces
  • Simplifies the organization with meeting agendas and timers
  • Provides valuable insights with AI processing of brainstorming content
  • Makes the follow-up on ideas more streamlined with automatic summarization
  • Customizable to various team roles and business needs
  • Easy to start with a user-friendly interface and no-cost entry point

Ideamap User Guide:

  1. Create an account and set up your team workspace.
  2. Invite team members via email or shareable links.
  3. Start a new brainstorming session in a virtual room.
  4. Use the AI Co-Pilot to generate ideas and overcome creative blocks.
  5. Collaborate on the ideas with your team in real time.
  6. Group ideas into topics with AI-powered topic detection.
  7. Keep sessions on track with inbuilt agenda and timer tools.
  8. Vote on the best ideas and set goals for implementation.
  9. End each session with a Magic Summary.
  10. Export the results for further review or action steps.

Ideamap FAQ:

Q: Is Ideamap suitable for any size team?
A: Yes, Ideamap can be tailored to suit teams of any size, from individual freelancers to large corporate groups.

Q: Can I integrate Ideamap with other tools I already use?
A: Yes, Ideamap offers the ability to import and export data as well as native integration with Microsoft Teams.

Q: How does the AI help during brainstorming sessions?
A: AI assists by suggesting ideas, detecting topics, generating prompts, and providing organizational support such as summarizing discussions and managing the agenda.

Q: Is there a cost to using Ideamap?
A: You can get started with Ideamap for free. However, there may be premium features available for a fee.

Ideamap Customer Reviews

“The idea visualization featured has so much potential. It was useful when we were brainstorming illustration ideas for our website. We had ideas of concepts, and the feature allowed us to have AI picturing it for us.”

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