Onlycoms Reviews:Easily find an available .com domain name for your next project

About Onlycoms

Only.Coms is a free AI-powered domain name generator for .com domains. Finding a domain name that fits your brand or business can be challenging, so why not ask AI for a bit of help? To use the tool, you just enter in some keywords or a brief sentence about your niche or services you offer, hit “Find available domains”, and the AI will give you an endless list of potential domain names you can use.

Onlycoms Reviews:Easily find an available .com domain name for your next project

AI Domain Name Generator

Easily find an available .com domain name for your next project

AI-generated .com domains
Find an available .com domain for your next project. Powered by GPT.Provide a short description of your project and get a list of available .com domain names.

Random idea

Idea: “Virtual Tour Advisor” – An online platform that uses AI to provide personalized virtual tours of various destinations worldwide based on user preferences and interests.

A website that connects people who want to learn new languages through virtual reality language immersion sessions.

this is about “ai tools”idea

Onlycoms Reviews:Easily find an available .com domain name for your next project

A tool to creates quizze and tests from any video. Productivity

.COM domains made easy with Onlycoms and ChatGPT

Finding the ideal .COM domain for your next project can be both challenging and time-consuming., created by software developer Sandis Klakovskis, is an AI-driven domain generator that exclusively creates .COM domain names. By harnessing ChatGPT’s potential and integrating with Namecheap, Onlycoms simplifies the domain name search and registration process, allowing you to concentrate on developing your projects. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sandis, and in this blog post, we’ll delve into the inner workings of Onlycoms and explore its innovative use of ChatGPT to revolutionize domain name search.

How Onlycoms was created

With an extensive background in working with small startups, Sandis is no stranger to launching side projects, all of which begin with domain name registration. Despite the proliferation of TLDs, .COM domains remain the most coveted. Sandis found himself repeatedly hunting for the perfect .COM domain, often experimenting with synonyms, prefixes, and suffixes. When ChatGPT gained global attention, he seized the opportunity to utilize the ChatGPT API. With a mere 14 lines of code, he devised a tool that generates available .COM domain names based on a project description. He subsequently built a user-friendly UI for the tool and released it to the public.

Onlycoms is predominantly driven by ChatGPT. You submit a project or idea description, and Onlycoms prompts ChatGPT to generate a list of fitting domain names. The tool also offers a distinctive “Random idea” feature that encourages ChatGPT to create random business ideas if you’re in search of inspiration or simply want to explore the tool. Interestingly, the domain name was nearly generated by the AI itself. The initial script suggested “,” which Sandis modified slightly. “That’s another valuable aspect of Onlycoms— even if the suggested domain names don’t precisely match what you’re looking for, they can be a source of inspiration,” he remarked.

After coming up with possible domain name combinations, Onlycoms verifies the domains are available to register, so you don’t get your hopes up with the perfect domain that someone else owns. To facilitate this, Sandis partnered with Namecheap for domain registration.  Our competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, mobile app, diverse range of TLD offerings (although only .COM domains are relevant in this case), free domain privacy protection, and generous affiliate program influenced Sandis’ decision to choose Namecheap.

AI and online privacy

As advocates for affordable pricing, we strive to enable people to create more online for less. However, we also champion online privacy and security. We inquired with Sandis about the privacy and security of project ideas submitted to ChatGPT. He confirmed that because ideas are sent to ChatGPT to generate domain name ideas, each user must determine their comfort level with the process of sharing domain searches with ChatGPT.  OpenAI’s ChatGPT retains queries for 30 days to ensure platform safety, while Onlycoms does not store any user data.

Early adopters have already reached out to Sandis, reporting that Onlycoms has saved them a considerable amount of time. Some have even offered to buy him coffee. “I’m happy it’s been helpful!” Sandis exclaimed.

What lies ahead for Onlycoms?

Sandis appreciates the tool’s simplicity and its focus on generating only .COM domains. As he told us,

 “I think it’s that rare type of tool that’s essentially feature-complete. I’d always like to improve the domain suggestions it provides, but apart from that, I don’t have any new features planned—it does one thing and hopefully does it well.”

We’d like to thank Sandis for sharing insights about Onlycoms. If you’re interested in trying out this innovative tool, don’t hesitate to give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts.

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