Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

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About Taskade AI

Taskade AI is a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

Taskade AI

Taskade AI is a collaborative writing assistant that helps you write smarter and more effectively. It provides tools for personal use and team collaboration. Features include enhancing writing with AI, generating ideas, outlining, summarizing, rewriting, and more. There are five AI commands/shortcuts which make the tool super easy to use. Various templates are readily available and the tool is free for single users.

Taskade AI

AI-Powered Productivity

AI Generat
Tasks & Projects
Notes & Docs
Mind Maps
AI Chat


Linux (x86)
Linux (ARM)

AI Featured Templates with Taskade AI

Automate your workflows with featured templates for free. Taskade is an all-in-one collaboration platform for remote teams with 500+ AI-powered templates.

Digital Bullet Journal

Want to take your bullet journaling to the next level? Try our digital bullet

Building a Second Brain (BASB)

Are you tired of constantly losing track of important information? Unlock the

Weekly Tasks

Plan your week ahead and get work done. Free Template.

Team Review Checklist

Debrief effectively with this team review checklist.

Meeting Notes

Looking for a way to streamline your meeting notes? Our customizable template is the perfect solution.

Mind Map

Want to take your brainstorming sessions to the next level? Try our customizable mind map template.

To-Do List

Manage tasks with ease. Get started with this free to-do list template

Agile Project Management Board

Looking to streamline your agile project management? This template offers a solution. Keep your team organized,

Student Assignment Tracker

Keep track of all your assignments with this fully customizable template.

Meeting Action Items Tracker

List, organize, and keep track of all meeting action items. Free board view

Event Planner

Organize family gatherings, weddings, fundraisers, or team meetings like a professional event planner.

SWOT Analysis

Identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

How To Use Templates in Taskade

  1. Click “Use Template” to create a project instantly in your workspace.
  2. Click “Save Template” to create a reusable template for you and your team.
  3. Customize your project, make it your own, and get work done!

Why Taskade AI

A second brain for you and your teams.

Five AI-powered tools in one to supercharge your team productivity. With Taskade, all your work is in sync in one unified workspace.

Automate 700+ Tasks

From marketing, sales, support, HR to startup, and agency work. Get things done 10x faster with AI-powered chat bot, project assistant, and workflow automation.

Generate Workflows

Spark creativity with a single task or objective. Generate dynamic to-do lists, flow charts, mind maps, and more. Visualize your project in various views like lists, boards, calendars, mind maps, org charts, and action views. Streamline your workflows and bring your vision to life.

Chat with AI

Bring your projects to life with an AI assistant designed for brainstorming and task coordination. Engage in conversations with your tasks and documents, and choose a persona tailored to various roles and expertise. Taskade AI is ready to assist you right inside your projects.

Visualize Notes

Embrace a smart, structured outlining experience, mirroring your brain’s natural organization. Create infinite connections and levels of hierarchy, with real-time syncing.

Brainstorm with AI

Harness AI to generate new ideas and map out anything. Turn thoughts into action items and track progress across views. Taskade is your mind map, transforming ideas into dynamic workflows, like the art of origami.

Team collaboration with Taskade AI

The next generation of team collaboration.

Share here, there, and everywhere. Shareable links make it easy to send projects for review, invite others into your workspace, or hop on a real-time chat and video call with stakeholders anywhere.

Unlimited Sharing

Easily share projects with guests, clients, and teams to chat and collaborate seamlessly across all devices. Experience real-time synchronization with Taskade, ensuring your team stays in sync on the Web, Mobile, or Desktop app!

Multiple Projects, Multiple Teams

Manage multiple projects and teams with ease with secure and separate workspaces.

Video Chat

Have great meetings with your team and clients. Collaborate on the same page with built-in video chat, screen sharing, and real-time syncing,

Unify Your Workflows with AI-Powered Productivity

Workflows Simplified with AI

Automate work processes by crafting custom AI-generated templates for your teams, thereby streamlining project creation.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

AI Personas and Tones

Engage with marketing experts, life coaches, and more. Set personas and tones, allowing Taskade AI to adopt specialized roles.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

AI Agents Coming Soon

Soon, you will be able to run AI Agents powered by GPT-4 to autonomously research, complete tasks, and orchestrate workflows.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

AI Prompt Templates

Dive into AI with 500+ prompt templates. Find the perfect prompts for your workflow.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

Summarize Documents with AI

Transform your PDF, CSV, Docs into projects using AI. Upload, import, and watch the magic.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

Bulk Project Management

Efficiently manage multiple projects. Right-click to copy, move, or delete projects in bulk, optimizing your workspace.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

Generate Action Items with AI

Turn ideas into actions in a snap. Convert notes into actionable tasks with ease. Select, and Taskade AI handles the rest. [Learn more](#).

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

Think, Drag, Drop, and Organize

Drag to move your tasks and notes with our AI-powered editor. Map out anything in your mind.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

Prioritize Multiple Tasks with AI

Let Taskade AI prioritize and organize your tasks. Streamline, focus, and achieve peak productivity. [Learn more](#).

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

AI-Powered Natural Language

Harness the power of AI with natural language and recurring task options to quickly add due dates, reminders, and elevate your productivity.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

10x Productivity with “/” Slash

Type “/” to access all AI commands and keyboard shortcuts, including adding due dates, changing formats, and creating new blocks.

Taskade AI Reviews:a powerful AI productivity tool that will help you efficiently manage tasks and projects

Set Recurring Tasks with Ease

Boost productivity by setting up recurring tasks effortlessly. Stay updated with task reminders via email, browser, desktop, and mobile.


AI Chat
AI Tasks
AI Notes
AI Writer
AI Outline
AI Agency
AI Designer
AI Mind Map
AI Marketing
AI Developers
AI for Startups
AI for Education
AI for Nonprofits


AI Productivity
AI Content
AI To-Do List
AI Workflows
AI Education
AI Mind Maps
AI Flowchart
AI Marketing
AI Social Media Management
AI Blogging
AI Agency Workflows
AI Project Management
AI Personas
AI Sales
AI Programming
AI Design
AI Freelancing
AI Resume
AI Human Resource
AI E-Commerce
AI Email
AI Customer Service
AI Tools
AI Calendars
AI Research
AI Video Production
AI Health and Wellness
AI Writing
AI Board
AI Proposal
AI Legal
AI Outline
AI Event Planning
AI Table
AI Game Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taskade?

Transform the way you work with Taskade. Streamline task organization, outline detailed project specifications, automate tedious workflows, and collaborate with your team via video chat – all within a unified platform. Get started instantly for free.

How do I use Taskade?

Bring your ideas and team goals to life with Taskade. Effortlessly collaborate in real-time through shared projects and workspaces. Tailor Taskade to your unique team structure, whether you’re leading an in-house team or managing multiple clients as an agency.

Organize your projects, folders, and workspaces to fit your needs and keep everyone on the same page.

Is Taskade Free?

Yes! The free version of Taskade includes all the essential features unlocked for individuals and teams. You have the option to upgrade, which includes advanced features, multiple team workspaces, and more.

How do I change my plan if I start on the Free Plan?

Flexibility is key! Visit the pricing page to compare our premium plans. You can upgrade or downgrade your premium subscription plan at any time. It’s easy to manage your account and payment details in the billing area. Just visit us there to customize your plan and billing cycle as needed.

In what ways can I use Taskade to be more productive?

You can use Taskade for structured task lists, weekly agendas, team meetings, project outlines, product roadmaps, and more. For inspiration, please visit our templates gallery and try over 500 free AI templates.

Can I collaborate with others?

Yes! Use Taskade as your unified team workspace to organize ideas, manage tasks, and get work done. Start by creating a workspace and inviting your team members. From there, you can work together, assign tasks to team members, and chat live alongside your projects.

Can I manage multiple teams?

Absolutely. Effortlessly create and manage multiple teams with multi-workspace support. Set up separate team folders or workspaces for ongoing projects, and control access with customized permissions for each team member. Enjoy versatility and peace of mind knowing your projects and workspaces are secure. Taskade provides you with complete control over your projects and teams.

Is there a limit to the number of guests or workspace members?

Taskade offers unlimited project sharing with generous workspace limits. Learn more on our pricing page.

What is a workspace?

A workspace acts as an organization that brings together projects, folders, and team members for seamless collaboration. You can effortlessly invite others to join your workspace and work on multiple projects simultaneously in real-time.

You can also create unlimited folders under each workspace for various teams and departments or simply create multiple workspaces under a single subscription to manage multiple clients and teams with ease.

How do I invite someone to join my workspace?

To invite others to your workspace, simply go to your workspace and click on the “Share” button located at the top right corner. Customize your invitation by sending a share link or email to your intended members. By default, invited members will have full access to the workspace. Advanced roles and permisions are also supported. Learn more here.

Can I share an individual project?

Yes, you can share individual projects. To share multiple projects in the same folder or workspace, you can simply invite them to your folder or workspace. External projects and folders shared with you will appear in the Recent tab.

How do I assign a task to someone else?

Simply click on the assign icon above each task. You can also tag members by typing @ followed by their username (e.g., @john). You can assign members to the entire project by clicking on ‘Assign’ near the title.

Can I set deadlines and due dates for tasks?

Yes, you can set due dates for any task. Click on the calendar icon to select a due date. Learn more here.

Who can see my projects?

Your projects are hidden and invisible to others by default. You can share a project or create a workspace to collaborate with your team. If you need more privacy, simply create a new workspace for yourself.

Is there a mobile app or desktop app for Taskade?

Yes! Download our apps here. Taskade is on Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is the company’s background?

Taskade, founded in 2017 with roots in both New York and Singapore, is now headquartered in San Francisco. With the support of the renowned Y-Combinator, we are revolutionizing collaboration for remote teams by offering a unified platform for tasks, notes, and communication.

Our goal is to simplify teamwork and bring teams together, regardless of their location. Please visit our about page to learn more about our team and vision for Taskade.

Do you have a public roadmap for Taskade?

Yes! For a sneak peek of our upcoming updates, visit our public roadmap.

Stay up-to-date with Taskade’s continuous improvement. Enjoy weekly updates and monthly newsletters featuring product announcements and enhancements.

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can make Taskade even better. Feel free to reach out to us on our feedback forum, subreddit, or via Twitter. Your input means the world to us and helps us create the best experience for you.

How does Taskade compare to competitors?

You can see a full list of Taskade comparisons and competitor reviews here.

Do you have a referral or partnership program?

Yes, we have both. Our referral program offers free Taskade credits on signups. Our affiliate partnership program offers ways to earn cash on paid signups and referrals. Learn more here.

What languages do you support?

Taskade can be used in any language. Our platform is currently translated into English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. You can request a new language here.

What other tools integrate with Taskade?

Taskade seamlessly integrates with numerous popular platforms, including the ability to automate with over 5000 apps through our native Zapier integration. Check out our “Integrations” page on our website for the complete list. Effortlessly synchronize tasks and due dates with your calendar and easily upload files from services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. Our mission at Taskade is to simplify collaboration and enhance teamwork through a unified platform.

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