Songhunt Reviews:AI Powered Song Search and Playlisting

About Songhunt

Imagine a musical compass guiding you to songs that match your emotions and thoughts. One that uncovers gems reminiscent of a personal favorite, and curates the perfect playlist for an afternoon on the beach or dinner party with friends. Meet Songhunt

Songhunt Reviews:AI Powered Song Search and Playlisting

AI-powered song search engine that will change how you explore and discover music.

Songhunt Reviews:AI Powered Song Search and Playlisting

Songhunt is a fun music recommendation tool developed by MyPart that uses AI to find songs based on musical qualities, lyrics, and sound. This tool allows you to search with keywords to find similar songs, and also gives you the ability to create playlists. Songhunt analyzes each song’s writing style, theme, mood, and musical composition to find perfect matches for songs you might enjoy.

Songhunt Reviews:AI Powered Song Search and Playlisting

A decade ago, between digital signal processing class and Music theory 401, I dreamt of an algorithm that would sift through the avalanche of songs out there are and matchmake between them and the ears looking for them.

That would figure out the intricate mix in every song and find it a home. Because very few things in life are as deep as the feeling you get when a song breaks through to your heart. Walls come down, tears emerge, joy bursts out…

There’s some sort of witchcraft in the mix between lyrics, music and sound that is individual and collective, casual and profound. And after that last note is sang and the last word spoken, you find yourself hungry for more. It could take months until you stumble upon that feeling again! MyPart set out to pursue my dream.

We’re on a mission to redefine how you discover and experience music.

Until now, our AI engine and platform was reserved exclusively for industry professionals: Music executives at record labels, publishing houses, and TV, film, and advertising agencies have been harnessing MyPart’s AI to find the perfect songs for their creative projects.

Now, MyPart’s Songhunt Beta puts this powerful AI tool in YOUR hands.

AI Music Recommendations

With Songhunt, you can:

1️⃣ Discover songs similar to the ones you love, e.g. ‘I’m looking for songs with cheeky lyrics a-la Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy,” or “I’m after songs that sound like Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids.”

2️⃣ Customize your search to match exactly what you’re looking for. Prompt by genres, decades, instruments, lyrical themes and moods, and more, e.g. ‘Danceable but angry pop songs with lyrics about breakups.’

3️⃣ Build theme, mood, and genre-based playlists that you can export to your favorite streaming platform and share with friends on social media.

Customer Reviews

It works well and it’s got good prompting. I’m definitely supporting this, especially for its potential. Planning any integration with Spotify and others? And I’m curious how you populated your database: there’s not many songs right now (totally normal, don’t misunderstand me) and I’m wondering what you have in store for it. Congrats on a launch well done.

Ohh I think I’ve been subconsciously looking for something like this tool for years..thank you for making it real!

Songhunt Reviews:AI Powered Song Search and Playlisting

Uncover the power of music tailored to your emotions and thoughts with our remarkable app – Songhunt!

?? Envision a musical journey that uncovers hidden gems, evoking memories of your treasured songs while crafting the ultimate playlist.

Whether it’s a sunny beach day or a cozy dinner party with friends, Songhunt is here to curate the perfect soundtrack for every moment. Discover the unequaled beauty of personalized music with Songhunt!

Discover your favorite tunes with our AI-powered song search and playlist creation feature.

MyPart’s AI

MyPart has trained an AI to deeply understand songs,in a way that facilitates song search.

This type of deep search that takes music, lyrics and sound into account does not exist in any other search engine or streaming platform. 

MyPart’s proprietary engine conducts unparalleled song search and analysis based on a wide technology stack that combines machine learning, computational linguistics, natural language processing and digital signal processing.

What makes Songhunt so special?

Writing Style Analysis.

Our AI is trained to comprehend insights about each song’s style, taking into consideration literary devices such as rhyming, sonic fabric, verbiage, etc.

Theme & Mood Analysis.

Another AI model we trained unveils what each song is about, including the prominent themes and moods the song is conveying to its audience.

Musical Analysis.

Our AI breaks down the song’s sonic and compositional attributes, including its primary harmonic, melodic and productional features.

Songhunt Reviews:AI Powered Song Search and Playlisting


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