Likewise Pix:an AI chatbot for entertainment recommendations

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About likewise pix

Likewise Pix is an AI-powered entertainment recommendation app from Likewise Inc that helps you find your next favorite TV show, movie, book or podcast. Just ask Pix what type of entertainment or media you’re looking for and get personalized picks tailored to your tastes. Pix analyzes signals from over 600 million other entertainment fans to suggest titles you’ll love.

Likewise Pix:an AI chatbot for entertainment recommendations

The Likewise Pix app is also available for free as a mobile app and offers daily recommendations sent to your inbox. When using the app, you can swipe left or right to provide feedback on picks so Pix can learn your preferences. The more you use Pix, the better it gets at suggesting movies, shows, books and podcasts you’ll enjoy!

An AI chatbot for entertainment recommendations

To use Pix, you can ask the chatbot a question like “Can you recommend a scary movie on Prime or Hulu?,” “What’s a thrilling novel similar to The Silent Patient?” or “What are some documentaries currently trending on Netflix or Max?” These questions can be posed to Pix by sending a text (877) TEXTPIX or email [email protected], as well as in the Likewise app.

When Pix responds, it will also include a link to a web page that offers information about the recommended item. This page includes other details like a description, rating, reviews and, for movies and TV shows, a trailer to watch. Users can also launch the show or movie directly from Likewise if they decide to stream it now.

Offering the AI chatbot over more traditional communication methods like text or email could broaden its appeal to mainstream users who aren’t in the habit of downloading apps, but still want to try out the new technology.

“While AI chatbots have deservedly captured the public’s attention, personal companions like Pix will soon make AI practical for each of us, every day,” said Ian Morris, CEO of Likewise, in an announcement. “Likewise is thrilled to introduce Pix, a true personal entertainment companion that is available anytime and anywhere to help all of us find our next favorite TV show, movie, book, or podcast,” he added.

Pix, which is live today, is free to use as the company generates revenue through its ad-driven model by helping consumers discover new content alongside featured products and services from sponsors.

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