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About MakeMyTale

MakeMyTale is a fun AI-powered creative story writer that can generate unique, personalized stories at the click of a button. The tool works by letting you choose a theme and character for your story, the AI then generates a personalized tale. Generated stories can be customized afterwards for any changes you’d like to make. MakeMyTale has a super easy-to-use interface making it accessible to anyone!


Create your own AI-powered story



Our team at was approached by a client who wanted to develop a platform that would revolutionize the way people create and share stories. The client envisioned a platform that would allow users to generate their own unique stories with the help of AI technology. They wanted a user-friendly interface that would be accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Solution developed MakeMyTale, a cutting-edge platform that is changing the game in the world of storytelling. Our team leveraged the power of AI technology to allow users to generate their own unique stories. With the option to generate audio and video versions to bring the tale to life, users can customize their stories to make them truly their own. We created a user-friendly interface that is accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical expertise.



AI-powered stories.

Create personalized AI-powered stories by choosing the theme and characters of your story.

Be a co-author.

Customize your stories with MakeMyTale’s unique co-authoring feature.

Audios and videos.

Bring your tale to life with AI-powered audio and video generation.

Easy to use interface.

Create stories with ease using MakeMyTale’s user-friendly interface.

MakeMyTale:An AI-powered story creation tool for kids

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