ChessGPT Reviews:Play Chess Against AI

About ChessGPT

ChessGPT is a fun AI game which lets you challenge ChatGPT to a classic game of chess. You can move your pieces by dragging and dropping, then wait for the AI to make its move. ChessGPT also lets you restore old game sessions if you want to continue where you left off!

ChessGPT Reviews:Play Chess Against AI

This version of ChessGPT requires an audio track, because of reasons. Plug in your favourite headphones if you don’t want to annoy people around you, or turn down your volume if you hate having fun.

ChessGPT Reviews:Play Chess Against AI

With a bit of creative prompt engineering, it can now beat almost any human. 

The ChessGPT Play tool allows users to challenge the all-mighty ChatGPT to a game of chess. The game allows users to drag pieces to move them and ChatGPT will respond with its moves. However, the tool has some limitations such as it can refuse moves and has limited knowledge of chess events after 2021. The servers are also very unreliable.

How does ChessGPT work?

How does ChessGPT work? ChessGPT works by enabling users to engage in a game of chess through conversation. It utilizes its training data from a large dataset of chess games to respond and play like a skilled chess player.

How do you play chess with ChatGPT on chess com?

ChatGPT will respond with either black or white and their opening move. To translate this into an actual game, navigate to > Learn > Analysis. Tell ChatGPT your next move (for example Nf6) and wait for ChatGPT to respond, as pictured above. Keep going until the game ends, either in checkmate or stalemate.

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