Animated Drawings:Bring children’s drawings to life, by animating characters to move around

About Animated Drawings


Bring children’s drawings to life, by animating characters to move around!

Animated Drawings:Bring children's drawings to life, by animating characters to move around

Animated Drawings by Meta AI Research is a fun app which uses AI to animate character drawings and sketches. This is a great way to encourage creativity and children are bound to enjoy it too! You simply upload your sketch and follow the on-screen guide, the app lets you separate your character from a background and link up your characters joints for better movement.

About the demo

Children’s drawings have a wonderful inventiveness, energy, and variety. We focus on the consequence of all that variety in their drawings of human figures as we develop an algorithm to bring them to life through automatic animation.

This demo builds upon Detectron2 and AlphaPose. Motion capture data comes from the CMU Graphics Motion Capture Lab and Mixamo.

Built by Jesse Smith, Jessica Hodgins, Somya Jain, Sahir Gomez, Somayan Chakrabarti, Clarence Edmondson III, Christopher Gustave, Kristin Cooke, Qingyuan Zheng, Yifei Li and friends at Meta AI Research.

The “Animated Drawings” Demo allows parents and guardians to convert two-dimensional children’s’ drawings into fun animations.

To use the Demo, you’ll need to upload an image of your or your child’s drawing. Later, you’ll have the option to contribute the image to a public dataset, but you can use the Demo without contributing the image. In order to use the Demo, you don’t need a Facebook account and we don’t collect any information that identifies you or your child. We collect technical information about your browser or device, including through the use of cookies, but we use that information only to provide the tool and for analytics purposes to see how individuals interact with our website.

When you upload an image of your or your child’s drawing, we will retain the image for a short period of time, after which it will be permanently deleted if you do not agree to contribute it to a public dataset

After an animation is created from a drawing by you or your child, you will have the option to download or share the generated animation to Facebook and certain other social media platforms. If you choose to share your generated animation on social media, then the privacy policy of the operator(s) of the applicable social media platform(s) will apply to your sharing of the animation

If you choose to provide us with feedback about the Demo, we will have access to the email address from which you provide the feedback, as well as any other personal information that you provide in the feedback itself.

If you choose to contribute your or your child’s drawing to our public data set, the image will not be stored with any personal information We will not associate contributed drawings with your name, your child’s name, photo metadata, or any other personally identifiable information. This means that you won’t be able to request deletion of the image after you have consented to contributing it. Please be sure you are okay with how we’ll use the drawings as specified below before you consent to contributing to research.

If you consent to contributing your or your child’s drawing and your interactions with the demo to further research, the drawing and interactions may be used, released, or published for any of the following purposes:

  • To train a model to better identify, segment, and place joints on hand drawn characters;
  • To ensure quality annotations by human viewers;
  • As part of an academic research paper or video;
  • As part of a publicly available database for researchers to develop creativity tools for children; and/or
  • As part of future initiatives to encourage additional image collection.

If you consent to contributing your or your child’s drawing for further research, the purposes set forth above are the only research-related purposes for which we will use the contributed drawing.

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