Momentum AI Reviews:No specialized skill is needed to work with Momentum

About Momentum AI


Momentum helps you to never miss a sale or customer by automatically capturing call summaries, CRM field updates, and tasks, syncing everything with Salesforce and Slack. The AI can identify churn and pipeline risks with tailored insights for sales and customer service, allowing you to take action quickly without waiting for weekly meetings. Powered by OpenAI, it provides data insights to keep opportunities updated in Salesforce and also syncs with Google calendar to capture notes for every call.

Momentum AI Reviews:No specialized skill is needed to work with Momentum

Momentum AI

Work your pipeline at the speed of AI

Momentum uses AI and automation to helps teams improve pipeline management and close rates with automated MEDDIC, notifications, call summaries, and deal rooms that connect Slack, Salesforce and the rest of your revenue stack.

Momentum is a revenue platform that uses AI and workflow automation to help teams manage deals, get pipeline insights and improve Salesforce hygiene.

What is momentum AI?

Momentum is a no-code data engineering and AI/ML platform for engineers, scientists, analysts, and automation engineers to efficiently solve machine learning problems and automate business processes.

The Ultimate Revenue Team Co-Pilot

I want to help my team optimize deals, save time when talking with prospects, and maintain Salesforce hygiene

  • Call Summaries
  • MEDDIC on Autopilot
  • Momentum GPT Chat
  • Spotless Email Follow Ups
  • AI Signals
  • Backfill

I want to make my sales motions repeatable, streamlining processes and automate routine tasks to drive consistency across my team‍

  • Notifications
  • Deal & Account Rooms
  • Approvals
  • Custom Automations

Improve your data hygiene in minutes

Turn on dozens of prebuilt recipes so reps can follow the right next steps to keep Salesforce updated and stakeholders informed on deal progress.

Turn your calls into CRM data instantly

Momentum captures AI-powered notes and tasks after calls and automatically syncs it to Salesforce and Slack.

Stay in the know without asking

Get unparalleled visibility into the deal process with Deal Rooms, Notifications, and Approval motions that keep critical fields updated without any heavy lifting from your team.

Make your sales motions repeatable

Empower your reps to work better across teams and departments by streamlining how to request an engineer, ask for approvals, redline MSAs, and more.

Supercharge your sales tech stack

Say goodbye to siloed sales tools and hello to a connected stack that works in harmony. With Momentum, seamlessly integrate your entire tech stack and use AI to drive greater efficiency and visibility.


  • Automatically invite users to Deal Rooms
  • Request approval of a deal discount
  • Notify upon new opportunity creation


  • Add Gong meeting attendees to Salesforce as contacts
  • Post call insights in corresponding Deal Room
  • Share most important call recordings


  • Add leads to Outreach sequences from Slack
  • Set SLA reminders for leads that haven’t been added to a sequence
  • Manage and edit sequences from Slack


  • Add Gong meeting attendees to Salesforce as contacts
  • Post call insights in corresponding Deal Room
  • Share most important call recordings

Google Workspace

  • Notify Deal Room of upcoming calendar event associated with the deal
  • Upload a file from a Deal Room with an emoji reaction
  • Create automatic Google Drive folders upon Salesforce opportunity creation


  • Create Asana task using an emoji reaction on Slack
  • Create a task for the onboarding team once a deal is marked Closed-Won
  • Create a task for Legal to complete MSA redlining


  • Share knowledge base links with an AE based on deal stage
  • Share onboarding information in  Customer Channel when Closed-Won
  • Create POC document when entering POC stage based on templates


  • Report a bug using an emoji reaction on Slack
  • Create deal support tickets based on deal stage in Salesforce
  • Notify Customer Channel and Account Room when a reported bug is fixed

Salesforce CPQ

  • Set up discount approval process via Slack
  • Sync deal approval conversation from Slack to the Salesforce opportunity
  • Notify Deal Room when a deal approval has been accepted or denied

How Does Momentum AI Work?

  • Prepare your data using Momentum Connect.
  • Select a model type and configure it to take your data as input.
  • Execute to automatically train a number of algorithms suitable for your use case.
  • Evaluate and select the best model.
  • Push the model to deploy it in production.
  • Monitor model performance over time to assess when the right time to retrain the model is.
  • Retrain incrementally, if necessary, and maintain model versions to switch to the best performing models.

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