SayData:seamlessly integrates AI-driven analytics for your customers

About SayData

SayData seamlessly integrates AI-powered analytics into your app to provide customer-facing insights. With natural language querying, easy data visualization, and customizable dashboards, SayData makes it simple to explore your data and uncover actionable insights. There is a free standard plan available, as well as growth and enterprise plans for advanced users.

SayData:seamlessly integrates AI-driven analytics for your customers

Customer Facing AI Analytics For Your Product

Seamlessly integrate AI-driven analytics for your customers into your app. Designed for beautiful visualization. Engineered for simplicity.

Build truly self-serve customer facing analytics using AI

What is SayData?

The AI powered customer-facing analytics solutions that embeds right in your app/web product. Leverage SayData’s proprietary technology to enable your customers analyse, visualise and generate insights from their data in plain english. Supercharge embedded dashboard creation and maintenance to make AI the competitive MOAT of your product.

SayData reviews

Love the idea, I’m currently having the problem of finding good software to sort out our analytics – GA is not very intuitive and smart, a high learning curve, which is unnecessary if it’s just do-able by plain English. let’s have a call as I think I’m eager to give feedback and try it out!

One Line: Very Useful Product As a Business Analyst myself in my prev Org, I lost count when people just came asking what is the metric looking like today, can you make this dashboard for me urgently Saydata not only solves this but also creates super sleek dashboards & charts,The customer-facing dashboards is like the cherry on the top I am personally interested to see where the product goes, Good luck & congrats on the launch Team SayData

Looks like a game-changer here! That is a great launch! I love that you’ve made the free plan for individual users, that is so amazing of you, guys. Good luck!

Congrats on your launch! However, would love to understand who’s your primary target audience? Say, I have a B2B AI security product that helps people protect their LLMs (e.g. detects malicious prompts in their models) – what could be the use case here for SayData? Would it be able to show my user the # of malicious prompts detected, for example? 🙂

Great product can’t wait for it to evolve more. Can make small insight gathering day of past. As someone who has less and less time every day for opening excels and CSVs for basic answers, this can make me highly efficient 🙂

This is going to be an inevitable game changer. Few years down the line this will become as ubiquitous as Ms Excel is in our lives. This team and product is to watch out for!! This is how a future rocket ship seen early looks like !!

Best SayData Alternatives


Voice and written support makes it easy to get answers. Based on your interests, history, and role, you will receive personalized and recommended results. Quaeris provides near-real-time data access for all data. Quaeris enhances your existing dashboards. To increase knowledge sharing and track performance, teams can share insights and pinboards. Ask questions in plain English. There’s no need for keywords or queries. Our advanced AI engine transforms your inquiry to a database-ready language within seconds. 

Wyn Enterprise

Wyn is a seamless embedded business intelligence platform. Designed for self-service BI, Wyn’s offers limitless visual data exploration, allowing the everyday user to become data-driven. Wyn Enterprise Features: • Embedded BI Seamlessly embed analytics within your own applications. Integrate dashboards into your business applications with API and iFrame capabilities. • End-user BI Reports Leverage Wyn’s powerful and fast reporting engine to develop complex BI reports


Machine learning powers the comprehensive data discovery, analysis, and automation platform. Cinchapi can understand all types of natural language, down to company-specific terminology. To dig deeper, ask follow-up questions. Cinchapi continually learns from user feedback. Cinchapi learns from your user feedback and anticipates your data needs. Cinchapi does all of the math and highlights the most important insights. This allows you to focus on the signal rather than being distracted by the noise. 


Add an AI copilot in your data dashboard for your product with only a few lines code. Your data dashboard can be a conversational tool that allows your customers to interact with your data in a frictionless way. Give your customers an easy way to get meaningful insights out of the data on your dashboard. Let us handle the problem of building conversational data interactions and ensuring high-quality, reliable results, especially when working with large datasets. AI is a field that moves very quickly. 


Defog is a AI assistant that you can embed in your app. Your users can ask data questions directly from your app in plain English. Upload a CSV file and ask questions, or ask questions about our predefined datasets. Defog can be fine-tuned for vague questions or domain-specific jargon. It supports over 50 languages. With a few lines code, you can add a conversational AI tool to answer data questions from customers. Build your product and not ad hoc reports. AI superpowers with no privacy compromises. 


Sloped allows you to ask data questions and generate insights using plain text searches. Your data queries can be converted into easily shared and readable dashboards. Your insight is just click away with support for major data providers.

Qlik Sense

Empower all levels of skill to make data-driven decisions, and take action when it is most important. Deeper interactivity. Broader context Lightning fast. No one else can match it. Qlik’s unique Associative technology is unrivalled in its ability to power our industry-leading analytics experience. All your users can explore at their own pace with hyperfast calculations. Always in context and at scale. It’s big. Qlik Sense goes beyond the limitations of query-based analytics or dashboards offered by competitors, an AI-powered chatbot that connects with data warehouses, enables users to quickly access actionable data insights and to make quick decisions without having to learn SQL or Python. Natural language processing technology allows business people to ask questions in plain English, and receive clear, understandable results. This reduces time to insight (TTI), and eliminates the need for individual data professionals. It simplifies onboarding by allowing users ask questions and get answers in seconds.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics (formerly Zoho Reports) provides powerful, actionable insights for your business. It is a self-service analytics and business intelligence software. Businesses can connect to any source and import data, analyze data through visual reports, dashboards, and securely share and collaborate on reports or dashboards with Zoho Analytics. The platform also integrates with top business apps.

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