AgentRunner Reviews:Create autonomous AI agents

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About AgentRunner

Leverage the power of GPT-4 to create and train fully autonomous AI agents.

Set goals, and let your agents decide how to achieve them.

No technical knowledge or programming skills required.

AgentRunner Reviews:Create autonomous AI agents

Create autonomous AI agents

AgentRunner enables non-technical users to create and train autonomous AI agents using GPT-4. Users can set goals for their agents and observe their behavior through detailed logs and accumulated memories. The tool offers integrations with OpenAI or Google Cloud accounts and allows users to decide the actions their agents can take. Unlike AutoGPT, AgentRunner runs in the cloud and offers a simpler user experience.

Create autonomous agents

Each agent has a unique personality and can accumulate its own memories

Run your agents

Give goals to your agents, and let them decide how to achieve them.

Observe their behaviour

You have full visibility over the actions performed by your agents

AgentRunner Features


Create autonomous AI agents.


Run your agents to perform tasks or learn new skills.


Decide what your agents can do.


Use your own OpenAI or Google Cloud accounts.


See the details of all actions performed by your agents.


See the memories accumulated by your agents.


What is the difference between AutoGPT and

Both and AutoGPT chain together “thoughts” to achieve complex goals.

AutoGPT runs in a terminal, and runs in the cloud, making it easier to use for non-technical users.

At present, AutoGPT provides more AI actions than For example, does not yet allow agents to run code.

Can agents run code?

For security reasons, we don’t yet allow agents to run custom code.

What is agent architecture in AI?

Agent architecture is considered as the functional brain of an agent in making decision and reasoning to solve problem and achieving goals.

What are different types of agents in AI?

Based on their degree of perceived intelligence and capability, Agents can be divided into five types which are Simplex reflex agent, Model Based agent, Goal based agent, Utility agent and Learning agent.

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