APIScout Reviews:ChatGPT API vs Bard Comparison Tool

About APIScout AI

APIScout.AI lets you compare APIs of ChatGPT and Bard with a side by side response review, token and quota information, detailed API parameters for non developers and developers alike, and batch processing of large sets of prompts.

APIScout Reviews:ChatGPT API vs Bard Comparison Tool


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Palm API

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ApiScout is a full-featured app designed exclusively for Mac that makes creating and testing REST services delightful.

What is meant by RESTful API?

RESTful API is an interface that two computer systems use to exchange information securely over the internet. Most business applications have to communicate with other internal and third-party applications to perform various tasks.

What is REST vs RESTful API?

RESTful API vs REST API at a Glance

REST is used to develop API, which enables interaction between the server and client, whereas RESTful is a web app that follows the REST infrastructure. RESTful APIs provide interoperability between multiple systems across networks.

ApiScout in Github

This project aims at simplifying Windows API import recovery. As input, arbitrary memory dumps for a known environment can be processed (please note: a reference DB has to be built first, using apiscout/db_builder).
The output is an ordered list of identified Windows API references with some meta information, and an ApiVector fingerprint.

  • scout.py — should give a good outline on how to work with the library.
  • ida_scout.py — is a convenience GUI wrapper for use in IDA Pro.
  • GhidraScout.java — is a Ghidra plugin for ApiScout (contributed by @mari-mari).
  • match.py — demonstrates how ApiVectors can be matched against each other and collections of fingerprints.
  • collect.py — builds a database of WinAPI fingerprints (ApiVectors) that can be used for matching.
  • export.py — generates ApiQR diagrams that visualize ApiVectors.
  • update.py — pull the most recent ApiVector DB from Malpedia (requires Malpedia account / API token).

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