Polycam Reviews:3D Scanner AI TOOLS

About Polycam

Polycam is a user-friendly AI app that makes 3D scanning and modeling accessible to anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Using just your device’s camera (and an optional LiDAR sensor), you can rapidly capture detailed 3D models of objects, people, and spaces. The Polycam interface guides you through capturing photos or LiDAR scans from different angles, then automatically stitches them together into an accurate, high-quality 3D model.

Polycam Reviews:3D Scanner AI TOOLS

Polycam Feature


LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry made easy


With the LiDAR sensor on Pro iOS devices you can scan the world around you in stunning 3D. 


Use Photo Mode on your device or on the web to get instant, accurate 3D models of absolutely anything


Capture photo spheres and full 360 skybox images instantly. Processed quickly on device


View your 3D models in AR. Create and save videos to wow and share.


Polycam’s sharing feature allows you to send captures and collaborate with anyone, from anywhere.


Upload drone imagery to Polycam Web to generate 3D scans of entire buildings, structures or city blocks.

Polycam FAQ

Can I use Polycam for free?

Captures are helpful in every single professional 3D workflow. You can use them in floor plans, architectural renderings, VFX and filmmaking, 3D art, scene building and more. Join the growing worldwide community today and try Polycam for free.

What is Polycam used for?

Polycam is another app/service for reality capture that lets you scan items with your iPhone and delivers a 3D model of them.

What is better than Polycam?

SiteScape. Your LiDAR-equipped iOS device is the fastest way to capture 3D scans of buildings, spaces, and other places. You don’t need to spend hours setting up scanning hardware, which can cost thousands of dollars and take many hours. One scan is worth a thousand measurements.

Does Polycam have nerf?

A lot of people don’t realize that you are able to export your Polycam data into formats readable by both Instant NGP and nerfstudio. Believe it or not, this has been available since last November.

Can Polycam scan people?

Polycam makes that dream a reality. Scan people and create video game characters.

How long does Polycam take to work?

One-touch processing. Simply upload and receive your reconstruction in 90-250 seconds. Immediate sharing. Publish, share, and collaborate right away.

Can you edit on Polycam?

The Polycam app offers a set of inbuilt tools and controls to edit the mesh and texture. You can see an introduction to them here. If you are using the Photo Mode, you will have to import the 3D model into a mesh editor for inspection and correcting the scale.

Can you use Polycam with a drone?

Compatible with photos from any drone. Simple interface, 1 click to process. Up to 150 captures per month for only $60 per year.

Is Polycam private?

We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy.

Is Polycam open source?

All software and hardware design source files are open source and built using free development tools (caveat: the board is currently done in PCAD, but may be converted to Eagle or gEDA in a later revision of the board. The PolyCam should complement the PolyBot Board and other robot control boards.

Who created Polycam?

Out for a spin is Elliott Spelman, cofounder of Polycam. Spelman wants scanning to be fun for everyone—not just professionals with expensive LiDAR rigs.

What devices are supported by Polycam?

*Polycam requires a device with a LiDAR sensor, such as the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max or 2020+ iPad Pro to generate LiDAR captures. Photo Mode works on every iPhone and iPad from 2015 or newer. 360 Mode works on all iPhones from 11 onwards.

Does polycam work on Android?

Polycam is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

What file type does Polycam use?

Polycam supports exporting mesh data in . obj, . glb, . fbx, .

Why won t Polycam upload?

We attempt to compress images before they’re uploaded, and this compression step takes a certain amount of browser memory. Try scaling your images down a bit (try a 12 MP resolution if they are larger than that initially, or an 8MP resolution if 12 fails), and attempt to upload again.

How do I connect to Polycam?

Turn the Polycom Studio camera bar upside down. Locate the bluetooth pairing button and press the button with your finger until you hear a chime. The lights on the top of the camera bar will pulse blue to indicate that it is in pairing mode.

How accurate is a Polycam scan?

On most scans, we can ensure accuracy up to 2% assuming that the scan was made under good conditions.

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