Convai Reviews:AI Automated Intelligent Conversations Tools

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What is Convai AI?

Convai is a conversational AI-based service that allows developers to bring characters to life in virtual worlds, games, metaverse, and other applications. The tool works by enabling a character with human-like conversation capabilities and connecting it to NPC assets inside game engines.

Convai Reviews:AI Automated Intelligent Conversations Tools

Convai lets you create and connect intelligent characters to your virtual world with ease. The tool has an intuitive interface which lets you develop characters and NPCs with unique backstories, voices, and expertise, and even test them out in a playground. Using plugins, you can seamlessly integrate your characters with various game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Omniverse, and Roblox. Convai also enables open-ended, voice-based conversations and actions with your created characters.

How it works

Easy-to-use interface to create your characters’ intelligence, and plugins to connect them to your character assets and worlds.

1.Create your character with the right backstory, voice and expertise, and test it on the playground.

2.Connect with your NPC assets inside game engines using our integrations.

3.Your character inside the virtual world can have open ended voice based conversations and carry out actions.

Design your conversation-based Characters and Speech based games.


Experience the cutting edge of Generative Conversational AI

Conversational AI for Virtual Worlds


Convai is designed for realtime end-to-end voice-based interactions with characters, and optimized for scale to support millions of users.

Add unlimited knowledge to make your character an expert


Convai addresses the problem of ‘hallucination’ of information that occur with Large Language Models by adding a knowledge base for characters, which can help ensure accurate responses to user queries.

Scene perception and actions


Your characters can perceive the various objects and entities in the scene and execute actions based on your commands and requests or their own motivation.



Learning, training and socializing in an immersive and interactive world with AI characters

01.Create AI tutors in XR that can teach any subject with reliable expertise for K12 and universities.

02.Enable AI guided training applications in various domains such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, ecommerce etc.

03.Populate your worlds with AI assistants that can help visitors and make your world seem alive.


10x engagement with Bots and NPCs that have human-like capabilities

01.Mod games to enable NPCs with open ended conversation capabilities.

02.Onboard your users with conversational characters.

03.Enable Companion bots with intelligence such that they can carry out commands and strategies.


We support the following platforms with more to come, but our Core APIs can be integrated into any application


A note to Developers

                  The future where you have your companion bot that understands you and fights side by side with you on a high intensity game or the AI tutor that helps you learn your toughest subjects, all of that is now possible.

                  You can make such experiences possible. Let’s make the future happen and build the next generation of games and experiences together.

Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive an email verification link after signing up. What should I do?

In case you did not receive an email verification link after signing up with your email and password, no need to worry. Check your spam folder, in case the email has been redirected there. If you still cannot find the email, write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution.

Hey, I would like to partner with you in building an application. What should I do?

We are very interested in hearing about all the exciting applications you are building. For the partnership program, we would need more details about your game, such as a description, concept pictures/videos, people involved, budget, etc. Once your project is ready, please share those details at [email protected].

When will there be support for multiple languages? I want to build an application in another language.

We are currently working on integrating multilingual support for our users. Stay tuned for an update! Feature requests help us stay in sync with our customer’s needs. If you want support for a particular language, please do write to us at [email protected]. Preference in the language roll-out will be based on the number of requests.

What can I do to increase the memory of a character?

We are introducing Knowledge Banks, a unique way of storing lots of information from which the characters can refer and respond accordingly to the queries. This is however in its early stage of testing and will be made available to the users soon. If you have any specific requirements, please write to us at

I got an error during an API call. What should I do?

In case you have received an error with no specific error message, we would really appreciate it if you can write to us at [email protected] about the error and its details. An ideal support email might include the following details:
1. Environment
2. Request Details
3. Response Details along with the error message
4. Error Logs [ if available ]
5. Screenshots [ not compulsory ]
Your support email will be directed to the required people within the organization, who will attend to your query as soon as possible.

Can I integrate voice with my character as well?

Yes, we can clone your available voices and make them available for your characters. However, this feature is currently available to enterprise tier members.

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