Ponzu ai Reviews:the first AI-powered texture generators

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About Ponzu AI

Ponzu ai is one of the first AI-powered texture generators that allow you to create 3D assets with ease. Feed Ponzu any prompt, select a style and give it a spin. In seconds, you’ll get tileable textures and an interactive 3D render. After your asset is generated, you can use the settings on the right-hand side to adjust a ton of parameters such as map strength, ambient occlusion and specular maps. When you’re happy with your texture, simply hit “Export all” and you can download the whole texture package for free.

Ponzu ai Reviews:the first AI-powered texture generators

Seasoning 3D assets with AI-generated textures

3D Asset Generator

Feed Ponzu any prompt you can imagine, pick from one of our styles, and give it a spin. In seconds, you’ll get tileable textures and an interactive 3D render.

What is ponzu ai?

Ponzu.gg is a website that provides an AI-powered texture generator for 3D asset prototyping. It allows users to feed in any kind of prompt and quickly get tileable textures and an interactive 3D render . It is designed to be easy to use and save time in the 3D asset prototyping process.

Customer Reviews

AI-powered textures for 3D models

you all have done an amazing job, I’ve never seen an app like this before and I’m so amazed by it. I don’t even know where to start on this product, it is wonderful to even know that this exists, I can’t wait to explore its interface and all the textures it has. Even though I’ve never used one of these before, hopefully the learning curve is not that bad? but you all did a great job WOW I am speechless. I understand you all work long hours, and a lot of time away from family members and loved ones, even if you have a home based business. All the hours and dedication that went into this project, it shows how amazing and talented you all are. On behalf of Team Click One and myself, thank you for making the online world A funner place to be. We will start using Ponzu on Monday, And give feedback the following weekend. If the app runs smoothly, no bugs or anything then we will continue to use the app and base our feedback on its interface, And learning curve.

I’m Boyang, and over the last week and a half I’ve been working on Ponzu.gg along with my close friend and fellow gamer David. Ponzu generates tileable textures for 3D models in seconds using only your words and imagination. We’re both engineers who love games as a creative medium — we’ve tried to make games on and off in our spare time, but we consistently run into the “asset cold start problem”. Our worlds look bland and unappealing, causing us to lose motivation and drop the project. So, we built Ponzu to create plug and play textures in seconds using AI. Simply give Ponzu a prompt describing a material, choose from a set of styles, and season your world with new flavors. Here’s what you get with Ponzu: 1. AI-generated texture assets 2. Normal, AO, specular, and displacement maps for each texture 3. Adjustable 3D previews in the browser 4. Customizable styles and shareable links We built Ponzu to help developers and artists bring their ideas to life, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback! One last note: Ponzu is free to use, but we have limited capacity to run GPUs. There might be times when requests queue up and take a few seconds to process!

Tools similar to Ponzu

Animate Anything

The best alternatives to Ponzu are Poly, IconKitchen, and 3DMADE. If these 3 options don’t work for you, we’ve listed a few more alternatives below.

Poly is a web tool for generating design assets with AI, including textures, graphics, icons, sprites & more. With a simple text prompt, you get unlimited customizable, 4K UHD, and commercially-licensed creative assets that match your color & style in seconds.

IconKitchen is a fast new way to quickly design app icons across a variety of platforms, from iOS to Android (adaptive icons) to web (favicons and more) and macOS! Choose some colors, textures, and clipart or your own image and you’re done!

3DMADE:A pack of super cool 3D shapes to use in your projects. With customizable tones, surface textures, and colors, these high-resolution shapes are perfect for creating beautiful presentations, posters, apps, websites, and more!

Caramel 3D icons for iOS 14:Big set of icons in colorful 3D style, that were created to customize your iPhone. Use them to see how stylish and attractive your home screen can be. Choose bright colors and textures from these volumetric pieces.

TextureLab:Generate unique and tileable textures for your next game from any description! Every generated texture comes with diffuse, height and normal map.

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