Luma AI Reviews:Capture 3D NeRFs & Models

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About Luma AI

Luma AI lets you use your phone’s camera to capture objects and render them as keyframes which can then be imported into game engines like Unreal. With the tools Fields Editor and iOS app, you can generate high-quality 3D assets and environments for your game or animation. Luma AI also offers an API for advanced functionality and scalability. You can use the Imagine 3D feature to browse assets that have been created using Luma AI.

Luma AI Reviews:Capture 3D NeRFs & Models

Photorealistic, high quality 3D, now for everyone!

Luma is a new way to create incredible lifelike 3D with AI using your iPhone. Easily capture products, objects, landscapes and scenes wherever you are. From your captures create cinematic product videos, impossible camera moves for TikTok, or just relive the moment. No Lidar or fancy capture equipment necessary, all you need is an iPhone 11 or newer.

For the first time, now you can:

– Capture 3D scenes with intricate details, reflections, and lighting and share with everyone. Bring people where you are!

– Capture products in 3D and showcase them on your website exactly how they appear in real life. No more “fake 3D”.

– Capture 3D game assets in unmatched quality and bring them to Blender, Unity or your 3D engine of choice.

We are excited to see what you create with this brand new AI medium! If you find Luma useful, fun, or interesting, or need help please join us on Luma’s Discord: When you share, please tag us on Twitter (@LumaLabsAI), LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok.

Please Note: while Luma’s 3D Viewing and Video Uploads will work on iPhone X + XR, AR Capture requires an iPhone 11 or newer.

Capture in lifelike 3D

Unmatched photorealism, reflections, and details.

The future of VFX is now, for everyone!

Game Art

Generate high quality photorealistic 3D assets and environments in minutes at scale with the Luma API.

Featured Captures

Luma AI Reviews:Capture 3D NeRFs & Models


What is Luma AI used for?

Use your Android phone to capture and view vibrant moments of your life in an all-dimensional way. Discover and share gorgeous 3-dimensional shots from around the globe. Turn everyday life into unique and imaginative pieces and create your own gallery to share with everyone.

Is Luma AI available?

Is Luma AI available for Android devices? Unfortunately, Luma AI is not available for Android users. It is only accessible by iPhone 11 or above users.

How much does Luma AI cost?

Luma AI pricing

You can use Luma AI for free, but the API captures come at $1 each. Luma AI offers an intriguingly cost-effective pricing model for its users. While using the basic Luma AI toolset is completely free, utilizing the API captures incurs a nominal fee of just $1 per capture.

How much time does Luma AI take?

15-30ish minutes

Through Luma’s web platform, you can upload any video or still images packaged as a ZIP file and it will create a NeRF as long as the dataset is good. Go to Luma’s website and sign in. Wait 15-30ish minutes and you have your NeRF!

Is Luma AI only for iOS?

Using AI-powered photorealism technology, students can capture 3D scenes with details, reflections, and lighting. Using LiDAR technology, reflections can be a huge problem, so this technology has great promise. Another benefit of Luma AI is the ability to use the app on iOS and Android devices (future).

Can I make a 3D model with my iPhone?

One of the coolest & newest features coming to iPhones and iPads running iOS 17 is the ability to create 3D models using the LiDAR scanner. With Apple’s Object Capture app, you can now create a digital twin of anything in the real-world and use it for what whatever you want.

What phones are compatible with Luma AI?

From your captures create cinematic product videos, impossible camera moves for TikTok, or just relive the moment. No Lidar or fancy capture equipment necessary, all you need is an iPhone 11 or newer.

Does Luma AI use NeRF?

The Luma team has been hard at work introducing clamored for features such as Unreal Engine plugins, Augmented Reality, and embeddable NeRFs. Luma AI is a mobile NeRF capture platform for iOS, currently in beta. Luma’s mission is to enable everyone to capture and experience the world in lifelike 3D.

Is the Luma app free?

Discover the ins and outs of the Luma app including how to access remote playback and view your live feed with this convenient manual. The free app is available for both Android and iOS.

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