Coframe Reviews:AI A/B Testing for Websites

About Coframe

Coframe is an AI-based website A/B testing tool that can be used as a copywriter, frontend developer, and UX researcher. The platform lets you input your website URL and analyze it for possible improvements, such as higher converting copy. Coframe persistently analyzes your site for optimization, letting you easily compare between results. The tool is free and easy to use, and perfect for web developers looking to test and optimize the user experience of their website.

Coframe Reviews:AI A/B Testing for Websites

Boost your UX with AI powered A/B testing.

Boost your online visibility while you rest.

Make every user interaction personal.

Engage Coframe, your AI-based UX investigator, frontend designer, and wordsmith, available nonstop.

Your website or app gains self-enhancing abilities with Coframe, learning from real-world performance. It’s A/B testing, but with a serious upgrade.Discover a new way of creating content with Coframe’s AI-driven copy generation toolResulting performance data is fed back in to continuously improve your platform’s content.With Coframe, your website or app works for you 24/7, not the other way around.

Instant implementation solution.

All it takes to get up and running is a few lines of code. Coframe gives you full control and visibility.

Coframe Reviews:AI A/B Testing for Websites

Coframes served100,000+Supercharged API delivering smooth, efficient UX<30msCost to integrate$0

Our mission is to give every digital interface its own sense of intelligence.

Until now, our digital interfaces have lacked the ability to adapt and improve themselves like living things do. Coframe is changing this, leveraging the latest in AI and UX/UI to bring user interfaces to life.

In production

Copy Generation

Coframe currently supports continuous copy optimization for websites and apps.

In beta


Coframe will soon support personalization and individualization based on user info.

Launching soon

Visual Elements

Images, styling, layout, and other visual elements will soon be supported by Coframe.

Launching soon

Developer on Demand

Edit and have Coframe experiment with any element of your UI through natural language on the fly.

Frequently asked questions

What platforms does Coframe support?

Coframe is compatible with any platform that can perform API queries. You can use it to optimize your website copy, power your push notifications, send email campaigns, and more.

Are there other limitations?

We currently limit the number of generations to 1000 per month by default to prevent abuse and keep costs reasonable. If you need more, please let us know.

What happens if Coframe goes down?

We’ve put fallback measures in place for this, and at the very worst, it will default to the original copy.

How can I trust the quality of copy that Coframe generates?

Try a few out for yourself – we’re confident you’ll be impressed.

Do you only support copy/text?

Currently, yes. We are working on adding support for other types of content such as images and UI elements.

What integrations do you support?

Right now, we support integration via javascript tag or API. If you’d like to see a specific integration, please let us know in the Contact section.

Can I have the option to pre-approve variants before they go live?

Yes, soon. We’re currently working on adding Slack and email notifications for new variants. For now, you can just create your starting lineup and turn the ‘Active’ switch off if you want to see each variant before it goes out.

What model do you use? How is this different than just using ChatGPT?

We use OpenAI’s GPT-4 for all generations. The difference here is that we’re able to use your site’s historical performance data in a feedback loop with the LLM, allowing for continuous improvement. This highly-customized data can then be used across all of your digital interfaces.

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