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Looti AI

Looti is an AI-powered software that helps companies unlock the full potential of their CRM data.


What is Looti ai?

Get a better understanding of your ideal customer with PersonaCardAI. Simply upload a list of your contacts and our AI will automatically generate the top 3 persona cards of your best customers.

To use PersonaCardAI, upload your contact list and let our AI analyze the data. The AI will then generate persona cards that provide insights into your best customers.

AI Discovery

Our AI finds your most accurate audiences from many sources (CSV, CRM connection, Linkedin profile, URL and more)

Fine-tune filters

Fine-tune your list with +20 filters like job titles, keywords, industry, company maturity, technology, hirings, fundings and much more.

Get activable data

Find ultra-qualified leads that match your audience, with all contact information (email, phone number)