Media Tools

  • MagicAnimate Reviews:A model framework to transform images to dynamic videos

    About MagicAnimate MagicAnimate from ByteDance Inc team allows you to animate a human image following a given motion sequence.Temporally Consistent Human Image Animation using Diffusion Model TL;DR: We propose MagicAnimate, a diffusion-based human image animation framework that aims at enhancing temporal consistency, preserving reference image faithfully, and improving animation fidelity. Just as a joke, it’s nice to see that the dancing girls in the picture at least had blurred faces. 😄 But it’s a really nice one!Congrats on the launch Video Results ▶ Animating Human Image MagicAnimate aims at animating the reference…

    December 6, 2023
  • X minus pro Reviews:Remove Vocals from Any Song

    About X minus X-Minus offers a suite of audio tools, including an AI vocal remover to remove vocals from any song. The vocal remover can be used to create high-quality karaoke tracks or remixes of your favorite songs. To use the tool, you can either upload a file or select one from your device. X-Minus also has the ability to extract vocals and create an acapella, as well as changing the pitch or tempo of your tracks. Welcome to the large collection of karaoke tracks! Our website allows you to…

    December 5, 2023
  • Voicify AI Reviews:Create AI covers using AI in seconds with Voicify

    About Voicify AI Create AI Covers with your Favorite Voices!Generate AI Music Covers.Voicify lets you create AI music covers with your favorite artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Taylor Swift and many more in seconds! You can view the trending models section to see which artists have been used the most so far. After choosing the model you’d like to use, just drag and drop your song – Voicify’s AI model will even extract the acapella if needed! The #1 platform for making high quality AI covers in seconds! Voicify…

    December 1, 2023
  • StockAI:AI-powered stock photo library & generator

    About StockAI What is StockAI? AI-powered stock photos. Find exactly the image you need from our massive library of stock photos. And, if your photo doesn’t exist, we’ll generate it for you on the spot. StockAI is a search engine for AI generated stock photos. You can search for the exact type of stock photo you’re looking for, and you can freely use the images for commercial use. As a free user you’ll be limited to small resolution images, however, you can check out some of our AI image upscalers here to bring…

    November 27, 2023
  • Kaiber AI Reviews:Turn text, videos, photos, and music into stunning videos with our advanced AI generation engine

    About Kaiber AI Kaiber is a video generation engine that allows you to transform your ideas into AI generated videos using your own images or text descriptions. It recently released a new feature called Kaiber Motion, which can turn text and images into captivating animations. Kaiber is a fun tool for content creators and futurists to express themselves in a unique and creative way using AI technology. The AI videos are similar to what you would get from using a tool like Deforum on Stable Diffusion. Kaiber’s AI generation engine…

    November 27, 2023
  • Limeline AI Reviews:Let AI take all your online meetings

    About Limeline Limeline is an AI communication app that focuses on improving meetings. It allows you to create automated AI agents to conduct meetings and calls on your behalf, freeing you up to focus on other tasks. To use Limeline, simply create an AI agent, share the call link with meeting attendees, and let the AI assistant handle the meeting. You’ll get a real-time transcript and summary so you can quickly review the key discussion points. The Limeline mobile app works on both Android and iPhone. Limeline AI -Meetings  reimagined: Let…

    November 14, 2023
  • Muzify Reviews:Turn your book into an AI generated music playlist.

    About Muzify FROM BOOKS TO PLAYLIST Turn your book into an AI generated music playlist. Muzify is a fun tool which lets you create AI-generated Spotify playlists for your favorite books and novels. Each playlist is custom-tailored to complement the mood and ambiance of the story, capturing its essence and transforming it into a melodic symphony. From heartwarming ballads to energizing beats, Muzify finds the perfect tracks to compliment your story or author. The generated playlists can be listened to on Spotify, you’ll need a Spotify account to be able to…

    November 3, 2023
  • Mayk it Reviews:We’re a Virtual Music Studio for next-gen music creators

    About mayk it Who We Are We believe that music and creating songs should be as universally accessible as creating videos and photos. We are building a new creative outlet to play, express, connect and have fun. Find your voice and sound identity. We’re a Virtual Music Studio for next-gen music creators NOMINATED as TOP 5 2023 Best of Voice Technology by The Webby Awards! With mayk, create your own songs using AI lyrics, AI voice filters & beats. Have you tried our text to song generator? Turn any ideas…

    November 2, 2023
  • Drayk it Reviews:AI Drake song generator

    About Drayk it is a revolutionary AI tool which lets you… generate a new Drake track. Seriously, you just type in your song idea with or without lyrics, and hit generate! It will even show you a deepfake video of Drake rapping the song. There is a big disclaimer on the website that this tool is only for parody purposes! A fun tool that generates Drake songs about anything in under a minute launched a couple of days ago. uses GPT-3 to write the lyrics based on the…

    November 2, 2023
  • Descript AI Reviews:Industry-leading accuracy and speed, with powerful tools for correction and collaboration.

    About Descript AI Descript for transcription.Industry-leading accuracy and speed, with powerful tools for correction and collaboration. Descript is an AI audio and video editor that allows users to easily edit their media files. With Descript, users can transcribe their audio and video files into text and then edit the text to directly modify the media clips. The program also includes tools for editing out filler words and silent gaps with a single click, as well as the ability to record screens and webcams for presentations and video messages. Additionally, Descript…

    November 2, 2023
  • Fireflies AI Reviews:Capture & transcribe meetings and videos

    About Fireflies AI helps your team to record, transcribe, search, and analyze meetings and conversations. With AI-powered search, you can review a 1 hour meeting in 5 minutes and find key metrics. The tool also provides conversation intelligence by tracking speaker talk time and sentiment. Fireflies integrates with various apps like Slack, Notion, and Asana, and creates a self-updating knowledge base of all your meetings. The tool is useful for sales, engineering, recruiting, marketing, education, media, and podcasting. Fireflies AI – Automate your meeting notes helps your team…

    November 2, 2023
  • Opus clip ai:turns long videos into high-quality viral clips for you to share on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels to increase social media reach

    Opus Clip AI pus Clip is a generative AI video editing tool that repurposes your long videos into viral short videos. It analyzes your video to identify the most compelling hooks, extracts relevant juicy highlights from different parts of your video, and seamlessly rearranges them into cohesive viral short videos. opus clips Opus clips FAQ What is Opus Clip AI? Opus Clip is a generative AI video repurposing tool that turns your long videos into viral short videos. We use the most advanced AI to analyze and pick the gold nuggets…

    November 1, 2023
  • Submagic Reviews:Generate amazing captions for your shorts with AI

    About Submagic Submagic is an AI tool for content creators that generates attractive captions for short form content in less than 30 seconds. With Submagic, you can effortlessly generate accurate subtitles, dynamic emojis, and highlighted keywords, all designed to boost viewer engagement. The built-in video editor can transcribe audio into written text in 37 languages. Elevate your videos with AI-Powered Captions 🚀 Effortless Captions with perfect emojis and intelligently highlighted keywords, all generated by AI. How the magic happens? With Submagic, you will save time, enhance accessibility, and increase viewer engagement like never…

    October 31, 2023
  • VoicePen AI:Convert audio, video, voice memo and websites to blog posts in minutes with AI

    About VoicePen AI VoicePen AI lets you generate a blog post from any audio or video file. Just upload the file, and you’ll get a blog post in a couple of minutes! The tool also generates a transcription and SRT file for your blog post, and can convert any language audio into English. VoicePen AI Anything to Blog Post, in minutes with AI Convert audio, video, voice memo and websites to blog posts in minutes with AI. How it works 1.Upload a File Submit your audio, video, voice memo or…

    October 26, 2023
  • Podium AI:your AI copywriter for show notes, articles, transcripts, chapters, and beyond

    About Podium AI Streamline your podcast production with AI-powered tools for time-saving, high-quality content creation. Podium is designed for podcast creators to amplify and streamline their podcasts. With Podium, you can get a high-quality transcript in TXT or VTT format, segment your episode into core topics, get highlight clips with timestamps and transcripts, and even receive social media posts about your episode ready for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Podium also provides relevant keywords to help your podcast reach a wider audience. What is the podium AI tool for podcasters?…

    October 26, 2023