Voicegpt.us Reviews: the power of text-based conversation with the added convenience of voice interaction

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About voicegpt.us

 VoiceGPT:AI Voice Assistant,the power of text-based conversation with the added convenience of voice interaction,With VoiceGPT, you can now communicate with our advanced language model using your voice, making conversations even more natural and immersive.

Voicegpt.us Reviews: the power of text-based conversation with the added convenience of voice interaction

Explore the top-rated free AI chatbot app, VoiceGPT, powered by advanced GPT-3/4 technology

Communicate with AI assistant via text or voice input and receive written or spoken output, just like you would with a human. Now featuring hotword activation and InstaBubble, VoiceGPT offers even greater convenience and versatility.

With OCR support automatically read text from images and documents for AI to process and respond to. Experience the power and flexibility of VoiceGPT and its new features today! 

The Future of AI Communication

Engage in seamless, voice-activated conversations with OpenAI’s GPT-4

Introducing VoiceGPT, the innovative voice assistant app that harnesses the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology to bring you a seamless and interactive conversational experience. VoiceGPT is designed to be your ultimate chat companion, available on iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple Watch.

Experience seamless communication with our application’s voice feature. Effortlessly interact and engage in natural conversations


Is there a voice version of ChatGPT?

Speak with ChatGPT and have it talk back

Use voice to engage in a back-and-forth conversation with your assistant. To get started with voice, head to Settings → New Features on the mobile app and opt into voice conversations.

How do I use ChatGPT with voice command?

Login or create an account for ChatGPT – it is free 4. To activate voice control click the microphone button or press-and-hold the spacebar on your keyboard 5. Accept access to the microphone when prompted 6. Start talking to ChatGPT The extension will automatically read-aloud responses from ChatGPT.

Does gpt4 have voice chat?

Select GPT dash four on the right and you will see the default option. The browse with binging option and the dolly option. Browse with Bing and Dolly currently only work in the text to chat window. To start a voice conversation, click on the blue headset icon and allow live activities

Is VoiceGPT legit and safe?

Consider any “app” that is xxxGPT to be a scam jumping on popularity and naivety to trick users unless you have overwhelming evidence to the contrary.It is legit in that it does work as advertised: I installed it and it allows me to chat, vocally, with ChatGPT. There is no way to be sure it is safe as in theory they could steal your Google passwords. I do believe though that for being allowed in the Play Store they had to use standard browser components that makes such a theft impossible.

Customer Reviews

I did it because YOLO and OMG that’s sweet. It speaks with the voices I had bought, in several languages. I’m fascinated.

Sounds kinda sus, it only needs an API key or something, is there another option? I’d look around to see if any actually checked on it, maybe even make another account for it. Who knows

Hey, a very different VoiceGPT app here – https://apps.apple.com/il/app/voicegpt-talk-with-ai/id6448657671

Requires no login, starts free with gpt-4 access, and saves no conversation information at all.

I am he developer btw – would love your opinion (iOS only)

None of these are same TBH. They are scrapping the internet without anyone’s permission

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