Mindgrasp AI Reviews:a tool that offers an AI learning assistant

About Mindgrasp AI

Mindgrasp instantly creates accurate notes, summaries, flashcards, quizzes, and answers questions from any Document, PDF, YouTube Video, Zoom Meeting, Webinar Recording, Podcast and much more! 

Mindgrasp AI Reviews:a tool that offers an AI learning assistant

Mindgrasp is a website that offers an AI learning assistant. It can help with tasks like reading, watching, studying, and understanding different types of content.

Mindgrasp can create accurate notes, summaries, flashcards, quizzes, and answers questions from any document or PDF. It can also summarize YouTube videos and create flashcards

Mindgrasp has paid plans starting at $6.99 per month. Users can request cancellation of their account at any time. Mindgrasp may also cancel an account for any reason, including inactivity or misuse. 

AI Learning Assistant

Note Generation

Automatically Generate Detailed Notes


Question Answering

Ask Any Question About Your Uploaded Content


Web Search

Questions Answered With Real Online Sources


Automatically Generate Summaries


Automatically Generate Quizzes From Your Uploaded Content


Automatically Generate Flashcards From Your Uploaded Content

What Your Mindgrasp AI Assistant Can Do

Read for You

Upload books, essays, resumes, research articles, legal case files, etc. You name it, we’ll read it.


Watch for You

No time to watch a video? Learn anything you need about it in seconds.

Clarify & Understand

Ask our AI assistant to clarify any file or link you upload.


Use Mindgrasp as your #1 Study Buddy.


What Types of Files Are Accepted on Mindgrasp?

You can upload PDFs, DOCX, MP3, MP4, Powerpoints, Online Article Links, and YouTube Video Links, and Vimeo Links

How Does Mindgrasp Work?

Mindgrasp will read, listen, or watch whatever you upload and then provide accurate answers, notes, summaries, flashcards, and quizzes – helping you save time and learn faster! 

How is Mindgrasp Different Than Other AI Tools?

The big difference between Mindgrasp and other AI tools like chat GPT is that Mindgrasp was designed specifically to help you learn faster and be more productive. We put a lot of effort into making sure that Mindgrasp can support as many different types of uploading content as possible, and to ensure that both the accuracy and capability of Mindgrasp to analyze and understand this information is unmatched. 

Are There Usage Limits?

Nope! All of Mindgrasp’s plans come with unlimited uploads and no daily limits on usage.

Who is Mindgrasp For?

While Mindgrasp was first designed meet the needs of students who need to understand large amounts of information more quickly, we have found that lots of professionals enjoy the benefits of Mindgrasp too! So, we’d say that Mindgrasp is for anyone who wants to learn faster and be more productive.

What does Mindgrasp do?

Mindgrasp is a website that offers an AI learning assistant that can help you with various tasks, such as reading, watching, studying, and understanding different types of content. 

Is Mindgrasp better than ChatGPT?

In summary, while ChatGPT checkers pose a significant challenge to students who rely on AI-generated content for writing essays, Mindgrasp offers a more sustainable and academically enriching alternative.

Is Mindgrasp safe to use?

We are fully committed to protecting your private, personal information from disclosure to anyone or any company outside of the Mindgrasp family. We do not utilize third-party cookies. To the extent that we use or may use first-party cookies, they neither collect nor store personal information about you.

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