Zaplingo Reviews:Learn English with AI on Telegram or WhatsApp

About Zaplingo

Zaplingo is an AI tutor that helps with language learning for those studying English. You can chat to your own AI English tutor on WhatsApp for free. The tutor gives you personalized and easy to follow English lessons, and provides instant feedback on your progress, including pronunciation (by sending an audio message). Zaplingo is using GPT-4, and you can currently get 100 chats with all features for free, afterwards there is a soft limit of 8 chats per day.

Zaplingo Reviews:Learn English with AI on Telegram or WhatsApp

Zaplingo is free! That’s right. With Zaplingo, you can start improving your English for free. You don’t have any excuses. 

Overcome the shyness of speaking English by practicing with an AI English tutor. Say hello to Zaplingo, a new convenient way to learn English.

What does Zaplingo offer?

Audio Messages

Practice your pronunciation with audio messages and receive instant feedback.

Conversation Practice

Engage in real-life conversations to build confidence and improve speaking skills.

Grammar Explanation

Get clear and concise explanations of grammar rules to understand and apply them in your conversations.

Always Available

Improve your English at your own pace, anytime you want. Zaplingo is always available to chat with you.

Lose the Shyness

Overcome the shyness of speaking in a low-pressure and supportive environment.

Talk in your Language

If you’re unsure how to say something, ask in your native language for a more comfortable and confident learning experience.

What are people saying?


Zaplingo has been a game changer for me. It has definitely helped me build confidence in speaking in English.


I love that I can practice English anytime, anywhere on WhatsApp! That’s crazy!


The audio messaging feature is amazing! It’s been so helpful in improving my pronunciation and getting instant feedback.

How much does Zaplingo cost?

Zaplingo is free!

That’s right. With Zaplingo, you can start improving your English for free. You don’t have any excuses.

If you want to learn English faster, Zaplingo Unlimited is the way to go. It has pronunciation features, grammar review, audio messages, and much more!

Zaplingo-Learn English on WhatsApp with GPT4

Learn English on WhatsApp with an AI English tutor. Overcome your shyness of speaking English, learn grammar with custom lessons, and improve your pronunciation with voice messages. Talk to +1 256 445 9760 on WhatsApp to start!

What do you think of Zaplingo?

his is a great idea for people who want to improve their English skills but feel shy about speaking in front of others. The AI tutor and personalized lessons make it easier to learn at your own pace. Excited to try it out!

Oh my! So amazing! ?✨✌ I have several people who asked me how to improve English, and I’ll be soooo happy to recommend this great tool! ? Congrats on the launch! ???

Hello everyone! We are excited to receive your feedback on what we have built. Zaplingo is an AI English tutor that works on WhatsApp. It’s suitable for people learning English for the first time and also for advanced speakers who want to improve their proficiency. As non-native speakers of English, we have many friends who want to learn the language but are struggling for various reasons. Some can’t find the time to study, some don’t enjoy learning in a group, and others are making slow progress as they are only able to study for a few hours per month. We built Zaplingo to solve these problems. ⚡️ Zaplingo is always available to chat and practice with. You can practice as much as you want and progress faster this way. ? People can overcome shyness in speaking English by practicing with AI. This is a great way to gain confidence in your skills. ? The lessons and exercises are unique to each individual and are based on their interactions. ? You can receive instant feedback on your pronunciation by sending an audio message. ? It’s easy and convenient. You don’t need an app, just open WhatsApp and talk there. Try it out by messaging +1 256 445 9760 on WhatsApp. Please let us know your thoughts.

I did my first lesson today, it is very good, thanks for sharing, looking forward to what is next…

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