SmallTalk2Me Reviews:Boost Your Confidence in Spoken English

Boost Your Confidence
in Spoken English

About SmallTalk2Me

SmallTalk2Me Reviews:Boost Your Confidence in Spoken English

IELTS Speaking Test Simulator – For Free
Practice for the IELTS speaking section with an AI simulator. It tracks time, performance. AI evaluates your level, gets a detailed report with mistakes, shows tips and tricks. Find out your IELTS band. IELTS Speaking Simulator.Smalltalk2Me is the perfect solution for anyone looking to speak English confidently.AI-powered teaching assistant designed to help non-native speakers master speaking skills in a foreign language.

What is SmallTalk2Me

SmallTalk2Me is an AI-powered speaking assistant that helps you practice English speaking on the go and improve your communication skills by recording and AI-analyzing your speech – without a teacher or a speaking partner. It also makes accurate and almost instant English-level assessment, which allows businesses to automate respective tasks.

Our mission

Although English-speaking skills are a necessity nowadays, learning a language is not easy for everyone. As non-native speakers, we have struggled for many years to reach a sufficient level of speaking confidence. This is how we started SmallTalk2Me – with the belief in mind that there is a way to create a learning experience that would be accessible anytime and would bring notable results within just a couple of months.

By improving education, we aim to create inclusive prosperity.

What is the best AI tool for English speaking?

Today, most of these tools have started to provide better quality service for language learning by adding generative AI to their systems.

  • Duolingo. Duolingo is probably the most common and popular language-learning platform worldwide. …
  • Memrise. …
  • Mondly. …
  • ZenoChat: Your AI Language Teacher.

Our team

We are an EdTech company, founded in 2020, by a product manager, a software engineer, and a data scientist from Google and Yandex. We have 10+ years of industrial experience in Big Data and Machine Learning, software development and reliability management.

Facts: our expertise & track record

Our language experts are certified specialists, with 5+ years experience of ESL teaching and TOEFL/IELTS and Cambridge exams.

We train our AI models on thousands of hours of speech samples, including multiple accents.

In 2021, we graduated from the top-rated B2B US accelerator, The Alchemist.

We are supported by Google, Amazon for Startups and the NVIDIA Inception program.

Based on our tests, after just 2.5 months of regular practice, our users significantly level up their speaking skills.

From its launch, SmallTalk2Me helped more than 100 000 people worldwide to improve English

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