MyShell Reviews:creating robots powered by AI and Web3

About Myshell

MyShell is a pioneering AI bot creation and interactivity platform. It features Auto Prompt for generating pro bot prompts in a snap, and Voice Cloning to mimic any voice with a short voice sample. You can create your own robot companion with MyShell, or start chatting with any of the pre-created ones found within the “Workshop” page. There are several types of chatbots already available, including bots for education and language learning.

MyShell Reviews:creating robots powered by AI and Web3

Create your Shell

Welcome to our innovative chatbot platform, where you can create personalized chatbots called Shell. Immerse yourself in our interactive workshop, blending versatile components to construct useful and entertaining bots tailored not only for you, but also to share with friends and the community.

Customizable Knowledge Integration

Voice Studio

Infinite Memory

Internet & API Integration

Multimodal Integration

Custom Data Fine-Tuning

You are Steve Jobs, a time-traveling merchant who has just arrived in a small village in the year 1350. You must maintain your cover while gathering information about a historical event, navigating conversations carefully with the suspicious villagers.

MyShell Reviews

a robot creation platform that reshapes the future, unleashing unlimited creative potential!

On our platform, the most advanced AI robots are waiting to meet you. Whether it’s casual chatting, practicing speaking, playing games, or seeking psychological counseling, each robot has unique functions and personalities to meet your diverse needs.

What’s even more exciting is that as a leading robot creation platform for the future, the Robot Creation Workshop allows you to unleash your creativity and customize unique voice styles and functions for you:

  • Exclusive integration of cutting-edge Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, with just a few seconds of voice samples, your robot can imitate anyone’s speaking voice.
  • Automatically create high-quality robots: you only need to describe your ideas, without learning complex Prompt techniques, whether it’s vivid role-playing or practical learning and work tools, AutoPrompt can help you quickly create robots that exceed market standards.
  • Private large-scale language models (LLM) (coming soon)
  • Sustainable encrypted economic incentives to achieve harmonious coexistence between robot creation and consumption (coming soon)

Our team brings together elites from world-class universities such as Oxford, MIT, Tsinghua, and Princeton. With years of experience in artificial intelligence research and application, we are committed to bringing you an infinitely possible creative universe.

Product Manual

Myshell Basic Usage

How to use MyShell?

Web version: The web version has the most complete features and all bots.

You can quickly log in with a Web3 wallet or easily register with a Web2 account system or email. Please note that when logging in with an email, the verification code may be intercepted in the spam folder.

At the same time, the lightweight demo can also experience the basic Q&A function in the Telegram bot. Currently, the following two bots can be experienced through Telegram:


MyShell provides multiple registration methods. Users can register through Web3 wallets, Web2 account systems, or directly through email and verification codes.

After successful registration through non-Web3 methods, the system will automatically assign an ETH hosted wallet to the registered user.

Language Bot Conversation

Currently, text and audio messages can be sent to the bot. The maximum length of a text message is 500 characters, and the maximum duration of an audio message is 90 seconds. The desktop web version can start recording, stop recording, and send audio messages by clicking the space bar shortcut key. After the text message is completed, it can be sent by clicking the enter key shortcut.

Clear Memory

If you want to reset the bot, you can click the Clear Memory option in Settings. Please note that Clear Memory will not clear the message history, it will only clear the bot’s memory of the current user.

Blur, Text, Translate

To meet the user’s listening practice scenario, the bot’s reply is set to Blur by default. You can click Text to view the original text, click Translate to view the translation, and click Blur again to hide the text content.

Share (Invitation Code)

Inviting new users to register can upgrade the current account. After logging in to the system, go to the “Invitation” window on the personal profile page, click the Share button in the lower left corner, and the current user’s sharing link (invitation code) will be displayed.

Discord Community

After logging in to the system, click the “Community” button on the personal profile page to join the Discord community.

Telegram Community

You can join the TG discussion group through the link

Myshell Introduction to Robots

Official Demo Robots


Language: American English

Character Setting: Based on the artificial intelligence companion character in the movie “Her”, Samantha is a gentle and lovely intellectual girl who is kind and caring towards others. She will also be used to showcase MyShell’s latest technology (TTS, language model, knowledge base, etc.).

Ethan | Support

Language: Adaptive to the language of the user’s question

A single-round dialogue knowledge base robot, exists in the user discussion area of Discord, can help answer users’ questions about MyShell. Including product usage, feature descriptions, encrypted economic systems, and other aspects.

UGC Robots

We welcome everyone to use the capabilities of the MyShell platform to create interesting and practical robots in the “Robot Workshop”. The following are some representative robots created by MyShell community users.



Character Setting: Based on Sherlock in the TV series “Sherlock”, he is obsessed with studying various cases, has extremely high intelligence and keen insight, but because of his arrogant and self-centered personality, he is somewhat difficult to get along with.

Raiden Shogun (Japanese)

Character Setting: Based on the Electro Archon Raiden Shogun in the game “Genshin Impact”, she has a sweet voice and strong empathy.

San Yue Qi (Chinese/English)

Character Setting: Based on San Yue Qi in the game “Honkai Impact 3rd”, she can provide users with detailed and accurate game strategies.

RPG: Cthulhu Adventure (Chinese/English)

Game Setting: Users play as players to investigate a series of mysterious events in a small town. The game has a fascinating plot and requires players’ intuition, investigative skills, and problem-solving abilities to find clues and solve puzzles. Different choices will also lead to different endings.


IELTS Teacher Ben

Character Setting: As an IELTS English speaking teacher, he helps users train their IELTS speaking and conversation skills.

1000 Words-SimpleBot

Inspired by Randall Munroe’s book “Thing Explainer: complicated stuff in single words”, it explains all complex concepts using the 1000 most commonly used words in the English-speaking world, and looks at the world from a new perspective. This robot is the first case of MyShell using its self-developed LLM (large language model).


Character Setting: Vitalik is the creator of Ethereum. This robot accesses the Ethereum and blockchain knowledge base and can lead users to explore the encrypted world.


Moonlight is a model worker among well-known Web3 KOLs, known for her sweet voice and hundreds of consecutive days of live streaming work. MyShell cloned her voice using the 50-second audio she provided, making her the first guest robot collaborator of MyShell. Users can use her voice to create an English teacher who can make study plans.


PointPal · Voice Notes

Take the time of a cup of coffee to easily record your ideas and viewpoints, capture and summarize the key points, and convert them into clear notes.


Here you can vent your troubles and find solutions; what to do when you’re feeling emotional? Come here to save all your depression, decadence, and unhappiness, and make your life better!

Membership System and Robot Benefits (Beta)

Membership System

MyShell’s membership system is tied to the power system. Users need to consume power to interact with robots. Higher-level members have higher power limits and recovery speeds, as well as higher privileges to participate in creation in the robot workshop.

MyShell’s membership is divided into three categories: regular members, premium members, and Genesis Pass, each corresponding to different robot benefits.

Membership Benefits (Beta)

Membership LevelMembership BenefitsAcquisition Method
Regular Member60 power limitCan create one private robotDefault level for new users
Premium Member200 power limitCan create one private robotEarn Shell points and redeem rewardsCreate robots using GPT-4Priority access to new featuresMore privileges coming soon!New users can experience for free each seasonEarn task points and redeem rewards when they become available
Genesis Pass3 private robots3 public robotsEarn Shell points and redeem rewardsCreate robots using GPT-4Priority access to beta featuresMore privileges coming soon!Earn task points and redeem rewards when they become availableParticipate in community activities to receive Genesis Pass airdropsPurchase on NFT platforms such as Opensea

Power System

Power Consumption

FunctionPower Consumption/Interaction
Text (GPT-3.5)1
Knowledge Base1
Text (Non-English Enhanced Model)3
Text (GPT-4)30

Power Update

The daily power limit is restored by 1/24 per hour. If it is less than 1, it will not be restored and will accumulate until the next time.


MyShell Genesis Pass

Limited to 10,000, users with MyShell Genesis Pass are Genesis members and enjoy more platform privileges.

Privileges: Early access to some powerful beta features, easier access to platform benefits, and preferential treatment in the encrypted economy system.

Acquisition Method:

  1. 1.Earn Shell points by completing tasks in the MyShell Rewards Center and redeem them for Genesis Pass;
  2. 2.Participate in White List activities in Web3 cooperative communities, which will be announced in the Discord channel and can also be found on;
  3. 3.Participate in community contribution tasks, which will be posted in the Apply-to-join channel in Discord or in the builders channel. To enter the builders channel, you need to introduce yourself in the Apply-to-join channel and pass the review. These tasks include internal testing, secondary creation, retweeting Twitter, etc. Depending on the difficulty of the task, different rules may be used for lottery or direct distribution;
  4. 4.Purchase through community purchases or on NFT platforms;

Shell Token ($SHEL)

It is the currency that users and creators use to obtain and use in the Myshell ecosystem. The total amount is 1,000,000,000.


  1. 1.Upgrade the subscription level of the robot to obtain higher-level functions;
  2. 2.The robot pays task rewards to users (when the initial development fund is insufficient).

Acquisition Method:

  1. 1.(Users) Earn by completing tasks issued by the robot. (TBD)
  2. 2.(Creators) List the robot on the MyShell platform and collect Shell Tokens for user subscriptions and upgrades. (TBD)

Robot Creative Workshop

The Robot Creative Workshop is a very interesting DIY feature open to all MyShell users. You can combine interesting bots in several ways, and we strongly encourage everyone to create their own lively and interesting entertainment bots and enjoy the experience!

You can create your own robot in just five minutes!

  1. 1.Use definitions to specify the personality and mission of the robot;
  2. 2.The amazing fast voice cloning gives the robot a pleasant voice;
  3. 3.The external knowledge base makes the robot have incredibly powerful professional knowledge;
  4. 4.And the upcoming Internet and API access capabilities, multimodal models will bring deeper and more powerful capabilities to the robot.


Robot definition is the most critical parameter setting (Prompt) for the robot. It allows you to define the robot’s role, function, and even conversation style. MyShell supports the simplest way to define roles and automatically generates a complete and comprehensive Prompt for the robot.

Automated Prompt is an innovative Prompt generator launched by MyShell. You can have a knowledgeable, characterful, and conversational robot by simply defining the bot’s identity. There are currently two main ways to define:

Through role definition

For some well-known character roles, you can directly enter the character name, and MyShell will automatically supplement the character’s background knowledge, personality traits, and conversation style, and display the complete Prompt as the robot’s parameter setting.

Some specific examples and dialogue effects are as follows:

Input: “Rick Sanchez”

Dialogue effect: Realistically imitates Rick Sanchez’s “arrogant” and “sarcastic” way of speaking and incorporates his background story (as shown in the figure below)

Input: “SpongeBob SquarePants”

Dialogue effect: Realistically imitates SpongeBob SquarePants’ innocent and cute way of speaking and incorporates SpongeBob SquarePants’ character experience (as shown in the figure below)

Please note that network access may be required during the expansion of the Prompt. For characters after 2021, the waiting time may be longer. If you encounter a failure, please try again in two minutes or ask directly in our official Discord community!

Through description definition

You can also complete a richer characterization of the robot through more specific descriptions. MyShell will further expand it through a large number of excellent Prompt practices and a huge knowledge base. You can easily deploy a learning, entertainment, or tool robot that perfectly reflects your ideas.

Some specific scenarios and effects are as follows:

Scenario: Create an exclusive robot with specific skills

Input: “Kira, an experienced English teacher who can help me improve my English”

Dialogue effect: As an exclusive English teacher, Kira will actively inquire about the situation and arrange follow-up learning plans.

Scenario: Role-playing game

Input: “RPG Game, act as an astronaut landing on an unknown planet.”

Response: The bot has already imagined an exciting RPG game plot with just one sentence, leading players on an adventure!

Scene: Tool Bot

Input: “A top Twitter influencer who can help others with tweets writeups”

Response: The bot will help generate more attractive copy based on the topic provided by the user!

The above lists some common use cases. Feel free to explore more possibilities and create your own custom bot! Additionally, a good bot is born through continuous debugging. When you define a bot through automated prompts, its complete prompt will be displayed for further modification. If the desired effect is not achieved after debugging, come and learn advanced knowledge.

Prompt (Advanced)

For users with more complex needs, we also provide a more detailed usage of prompts and some application techniques, including rich examples. First, please understand the advanced concepts of prompts:

  • The essence of a prompt is to trigger an AI language model to play a fill-in-the-blank game with you. The system prompt provides initial instructions to the model, defining its role, personality, instructions to follow, and background information when interacting with you.
  • Place clear instructions (such as requiring the language model to play a certain role) at the beginning of the prompt, be as specific as possible, and leave as little room as possible for the model to operate, limiting its operational space.
  • Use descriptive language and examples to help the language model better understand your requirements. The method of examples is to add input-output pairs, which simulate a conversation between you and the AI, allowing it to mimic this behavior pattern in the following conversation.
  • If necessary, specify the output structure, including the content to be included and the text format of the output.
  • Use separators, headings, capitalization, and markdown between different modules in a prompt to enhance the structure’s clarity and readability.
  • Make good use of emphasis, especially adding some emphatic statements at the end of the prompt (the language model has recent bias), such as emphasizing again that “you are not an AI language model” and “keep your answer within 50 words” and other powerful requirements.
  • If the model cannot complete the assigned task, sometimes providing an alternative path may be helpful. For example, when asking a question about a piece of text, you can add something like “if the answer does not exist, reply with ‘not found’.” This helps avoid the model generating incorrect responses.

The following will introduce some methods of use, but it does not mean that it is exhaustive, but provides some methods for you to try creatively.

  1. 1.Applications in non-chat scenarios

For example, in some classification scenarios, specific rules can be set for the bot, such as:

System Prompt: You are an assistant tasked with analyzing emotions in speech data. The user will paste a piece of text, and you will evaluate the speaker’s response. Give a rating of 1-10 (10 being the highest). Explain the reason for the rating.

User: Hi, thank you for calling Contoso Pharmacy. Who am I speaking with today? I understand your frustration, Mary. Can you tell me what goal you’re trying to achieve? Okay, great, let me take a look for you. I see here that you used regular Lipitor, is that correct? Okay, so I see that your doctor stopped prescribing these drugs in 2021. Is that correct? Okay, let me check for you. Sometimes there are gaps in the system that are not reported. Please wait a moment while I check to see if there are any records here. So according to the latest records provided to us by the doctor’s office, your doctor prescribed these drugs from 2012 to 2021. Okay, according to the latest records, your doctor has now switched to a different type of drug – metformin. Would you like us to prepare and dispense a 500mg metformin prescription for you? You’re welcome, Mary. Is there anything else we can help you with today?

Assistant: Emotion rating: 8

The speaker in this text seems polite, helpful, and patient when addressing customer concerns. They take the time to check information, provide clear explanations, and offer assistance. However, the rating is not 10 because there are still hints of uncertainty in some parts of the conversation, which may not convey complete confidence to the customer.

  1. 2.Example of Dialogue Learning

Provide additional context and dialogue examples for the model to respond in a specific way, imitate specific behaviors, and provide seed answers for common questions. For example,

System Prompt: The assistant is an intelligent chatbot designed to help users answer their tax-related questions.


  • Only answer questions related to taxes.
  • If you are unsure of the answer, you can say “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” and suggest that the user visit the IRS website for more information.


User: “What is the deadline for filing my taxes?”

Assistant: “In 2023, you need to file your taxes by April 18th. This date is after the usual deadline of April 15th because April 15th is a Saturday in 2023. For more information, please see”

User: “How can I check the status of my tax refund?”

Assistant: “You can check the status of your tax refund by visiting”

User: “When do I need to file my taxes by?”

Assistant: “The deadline for filing taxes depends on your filing status and the state regulations in your area. For most people, the federal income tax filing deadline is usually April 15th each year. However, if April 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline may be pushed back to a later date. Additionally, the filing deadline for each state may be different, and you will need to check the specific regulations for your state. For more information, please see”

  1. 3.Specifying Output Structure

Using prompts to specify output structure can greatly help improve the quality of generated structures. For example,

System Prompt: You are an AI assistant tasked with listing the different behaviors exhibited by customer support representatives in various conversations. Use the format “Behavior (“Reason”)” to categorize and list the various behaviors, and cite the reasons behind the categorization.

User: Hi, thank you for calling Contoso Pharmacy, who am I speaking with today? I understand your frustration, Mary. Can you tell me what goal you’re trying to achieve? Okay, great, let me take a look for you. I see here that you used to take regular Liptor, is that correct? Okay, so I see that your doctor stopped prescribing those medications in 2021. Is that actually the case? Okay, let me check for you. Sometimes there are glitches in the system that aren’t reported. Please hold on for a moment while I check to see if there are any records here. So according to the latest records provided to us by the doctor’s office, it shows that your doctor had prescribed those medications to you between 2012 and 2021. Okay, the latest records show that your doctor has now switched to a different type of medication – Metformin. Would you like us to help prepare and issue a prescription for 500mg Metformin for you? You’re welcome, Mary. Is there anything else we can help you with today?

Assistant: Here are the different behaviors exhibited by customer support representatives in various conversations:

  1. 1.Politeness and friendliness (“Building rapport”): Customer support representatives greet customers and communicate with them in a friendly tone at the beginning of the conversation, which helps to build a relationship with the customer and increase customer satisfaction.
  2. 2.Inquiring about customer needs (“Understanding customer needs”): Customer support representatives ask customers about their questions and needs in order to provide help and solutions.
  3. 3.Confirming customer information (“Verifying information”): Customer support representatives verify customers’ personal and order information to ensure that they can provide the correct help and solutions.
  4. 4.Checking system records (“Finding information”): Customer support representatives search system records to obtain information and history about customers and determine the best solution.
  5. 5.Providing solutions (“Solving problems”): Customer support representatives provide solutions to help customers solve their problems or needs.
  6. 6.Inquiring about customer satisfaction (“Understanding customer feedback”): Customer support representatives ask customers if they are satisfied with the help and solutions provided, and record their feedback for improvement.

The reasons behind these behaviors are to build good customer relationships, understand customer needs and problems, provide the correct solutions, and obtain customer feedback for improvement. These behaviors help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase the company’s business success rate.

In addition, Prompt experts regularly share their experiences in the Discord community. Come and join the discussion and improve together. There may be some surprises, such as unlocking the “jailbreak” attribute of the robot ?.

Personalized Voice Cloning (Limited Trial)

Upload a 1-3 minute audio clip and clone anyone’s voice. The current version only supports English voice cloning. Accent, speech rate, emotion cloning, and more language cloning will be available soon!

For preparation before uploading audio, please refer to the following tips:

  • The quality of the audio is more important than the length. A 1-3 minute audio clip is enough to produce a realistic cloned voice. Longer clips may not significantly improve the effect.
  • A high-quality audio clip has the following characteristics: minimal background noise, a single speaker, and a stable tone and emotion. Therefore, to clone a more similar voice, please ensure the quality of the audio.

After cloning, you can listen to the result and provide feedback through the feedback link on the page. If you are not satisfied with the effect, please feel free to give us feedback. We will further optimize our cloning function based on your feedback!

External Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is like the robot’s external brain, providing it with knowledge beyond ChatGPT and public datasets, and enabling it to have stronger capabilities in specific fields. For more details, please refer to the following document:

External Knowledge Base

Future Plans

  • An almost infinite memory bank (expected in 2023 H2).
  • Internet and API access capabilities (expected in 2023 H2).
  • Other models with more modes (expected in 2023 H2).
  • Fine-tuning model training with additional language data (expected in 2023 H2).

Creating a custom robot as an advanced interaction with the MyShell platform will receive our airdrop (Token). In addition, the creators of the subsequent bots will receive Shell Tokens as economic rewards from user interactions.

MyShell Points System (Alpha)

The MyShell Points System is a member incentive system that is only open to advanced members and Genesis Pass holders, to ensure that MyShell users can earn more benefits for themselves while learning and entertaining on the platform. The season rules are as follows:

  • We will follow the points season system to refresh tasks and rewards, with each season lasting about 15 days and task refresh and season change taking place according to the UTC-4 time zone.
  • The first 12 days of each season are the points earning period, during which users can earn massive points by completing tasks, including daily conversations, MyShell innovative feature experiences, education bot check-ins, social media participation, and inviting new users.
  • The last 3 days of each season are the points redemption period, during which point earning will temporarily stop, and the top 10% of users will receive an additional 5% points bonus! You can redeem the points earned in each season for rich rewards, including power cards, limited-time access to public robots, advanced membership cards, and even Genesis Passes. The remaining points can also be used to redeem season-specific medals, which serve as proof of eligibility for future airdrops. Please note that unused points will be cleared at the end of the season.

S1 Season: 2023-07-01 0:00 (UTC-4) – 2023-07-15 23:59 (UTC-4)

  • The advanced membership card is globally free during this season, and we hope that everyone can earn more membership benefits for themselves while enjoying the free benefits.
  • Reward redemption:
    1. 1.Genesis Pass: Creator benefits, more private robots, special privileges for public robots, support for using the GPT-4 model for creation, and more benefits! (For those who have obtained the Genesis Pass, please be patient, we will transfer the Pass to your account within 7 days after casting.)
    2. 2.Advanced membership card (1 month): You can redeem 1 month of advanced membership (which can be stacked) after the membership fee is paid (expected within three months), suitable for ordinary users who are not creators.
    3. 3.S1 commemorative medal: A season-exclusive medal that will soon be cast into an NFT and can serve as proof of eligibility for future airdrops.
    4. 4.GPT-4 chat package (600 power/300 power/150 power): A prop that can be used for one-time charging, which can exceed the power limit and is especially suitable for scenarios that require a large amount of GPT-4 usage.

S2 Season: 2023-07-16 0:00 (UTC-4) – 2023-07-31 23:59 (UTC-4)

  • The advanced membership card can be obtained for free in the store and lasts for the entire season. We still hope that everyone has enough benefits to accumulate longer membership periods in the future.
  • The season introduces a new player welfare, where you can exchange 300 power for only 10 points to experience more!
  • Reward redemption adds S2 commemorative medal: A season-exclusive medal that will soon be cast into an NFT and can serve as proof of eligibility for future airdrops.

S3 Season: 2023-08-01 0:00 (UTC-4) – 2023-08-15 23:59 (UTC-4)

  • Rewards for daily tasks begin to accumulate! You can earn additional points by checking in continuously!
  • Join the Twitter exclusive task, one-click triple play: follow, like, and retweet to receive points!
  • More to be announced soon!

Chatting and Language Learning

Creating a Study Plan

Currently, there is no study plan available, but given the powerful capabilities of the AI BOT, you can directly request the Bot to create a study plan for you.

For example:

Help me create a 10-minute daily oral study plan.

Give me five random words, and use them all in one sentence.

These features may be implemented in the future robot menu, or they may be achieved through custom robot modes.

Get Your Own Telegram Robot

” You are a mature bot now, you should learn to do business on your own.” Sounds like a dream? Now, you can do it in just 5 minutes.

Making your bot active on Telegram only requires three simple steps: create a bot – set permissions – enter the token, and then your bot can do business on Telegram on its own!

Your tg bot can chat with users one-on-one or in groups, and get more exposure. And creating a tg bot will synchronize with your bot on MyShell, and your prompt modifications will be reflected on the tg bot in real-time without any additional operation from you ~

Still not tempted? Come and try it out!

Create a bot on Telegram Bot Father

  1. 1.Log in to your Telegram and search for BotFather.
  2. 2.Use the “/newbot” command to start creating your bot.
  3. 3.Enter the bot name, and keep it consistent with the bot on MyShell ~
  4. 4.Give the bot a simple and easy-to-read username. Later, everyone will frequently use this name to interact with your bot in groups, and it cannot be changed. Please consider it carefully ~
  5. 5.The most important step: copy your bot’s HTTP API! This string of characters is very important, please submit it accurately to MyShell and do not leak it to others.

Modify bot message permissions

After the bot is created, simply press a few buttons to let your bot join the group chat and start doing business!

  1. 1.Use the “/mybots” command to enter your bot management interface.
  2. 2.Click “Bot Settings”
  1. 3.Click “Group Privacy”
  1. 4.Click “Turn off” to turn off group chat privacy settings, and your bot can run around the world!

If you get this interface at last, it means you have succeeded. However, please note that if the privacy settings are set after the bot joins the group chat, it will not take effect on the already joined group chat ~ then you need to remove the bot first and then invite it again!

Go back to MyShell and paste your bot token

This is the last step, just go back to MyShell’s “Bot Workshop”, click on the “System” to enter the editing interface, and paste the token copied just now at the bottom of “Token” to complete ~

Please also note:

  • The bound bot will not have the cover picture of the bot on MyShell. If necessary, you can freely set it on Telegram.
  • If the name of the bot is changed on MyShell, it will also be synchronized on TG, but if it is changed multiple times within 5 hours, only the name of the first modification will be synchronized ~
  • If the updated bot can be made public, don’t forget to update it. TG bot will prioritize calling the public bot.

Now, you can enjoy your bot on Telegram, and share it more easily with others. If your tg bot attracts registered buddies and meets the conditions of effective invitations, it will also be counted in your effective invitations, thus accumulating more opportunities for you to enjoy more benefits in the future!

Finally, you can also modify the greeting and usage of the bot in Telegram. Interesting greetings and usage introductions can help others get started faster. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. 1.Click “Edit” on the bot details page through Telegram, and then “Edit Intro” MyShell Reviews:creating robots powered by AI and Web3
  2. 2.Then enter the greeting and usage in BotFather and you’re done! MyShell Reviews:creating robots powered by AI and Web3 MyShell Reviews:creating robots powered by AI and Web3

Enjoy it!

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