Ellie AI Reviews:AI Data Product Design Tools

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Grasp your business needs and validate your product ideas before building your data pipelines.

Ellie AI Reviews:AI Data Product Design Tools

Data Products Done Right

Ellie’s Key Features

Data Product Design

Businesses depend on data more than ever before. Ellie gives data teams the tools and frameworks to ensure that there’s always a tangible business value when creating new data products.

If you’ve never seen this tool before, you should check it out. It’s an amazing piece of engineering, for accelerating your BI efforts at a Business Level, and can be used by business users easily.

Business and logical data modeling

Use conceptual data models to create visual designs of how business and data processes relate to each other in the real world. Transform high-level designs into actionable technical blueprints using the logical models – maintaining a clear linkage throught your product elements.

Ellie is an excellent option for modeling the data warehouse.  It provides a good environment that combines data documentation, modeling, and easy enterprise access.  It is simple to use, yet offers the flexibility needed for a great modeling experience!

Company wide Business Glossary

Ellie’s Business Glossary is like a word dictionary for your whole organization.Create well-defined definitions of what different terms actually mean within your company, and bring clarity when making data-driven decisions.

There are data governance/business analyst tools, and then there are data design/development tools. I don’t see many connections between the two, yet Ellie seems to fill this gap.

Seamless Collaboration

With Ellie, working together is as easy as just sharing a link with your team. You can visualize your product designs simultaneously, directly on the web, where ever you are.

Ellie provides an excellent visual tool for the business to articulate how it sees itself to IT and the things that are important to them in terms of data.

Continuous Product Reusability

Creating duplicates can turn any data architecture into a data swamp. Ellie let’s you reuse different product elements as easy as typing them in the searchbar.Want to understand your entities at a deeper level? Just open the relationship tab

Even though our company is new, we have worked as individuals with Ellie from the beginning and it’s great to see them listening to our suggestions and customer needs.

Use Ellie insights across your data stack

Whether you want to integrate Ellie further down your tech stack, or want to share your designs with business analysts – Ellie will make it possible:

  • Platform agnostic
  • Easy user access controls
  • Open API
  • Possibility to import and export via JSON files
  • Support for Okta and Azure Active Directoy
  • 3rd party connections for popular tools

Product Design Use Cases with Ellie AI

Data Vault & Warehousing

Get the fundamentals of your data warehouse right, and maintain your design throughout the implementation phase.

Ellie AI Reviews:AI Data Product Design Tools

Data Governance & Catalogs

Agree on your rules, policies & ownership of data without getting distracted by technical level details.

Data Mesh

Design your core business data entities within your domain fast, and enable cross-domain communication with ease.

Data Culture

Turn complicated day-to-day hurdles of driving data culture, into a clear process with a low-entry point.

Why Ellie AI

Lets you design data products ~40% Faster

35% higher rate of data product success

95% of our customers never stop using Ellie

Cloud-based and easy to use-up and running in just 5 minutes

Drive data culture across your organization, avg 6:1 business to data user ratio

Design and collaborate directly from your browser

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