Homestyler Reviews:AI interior design and real estate tools

About Homestyler

Homestyler is a comprehensive suite of AI interior design and real estate tools offering free 3D home design software and a floor planner. The platform has lots of interior decoration options, 3D rendering capabilities, and DIY home design video tutorials, providing an all-in-one solution for designing your dream home. Homestyler allows you to easily draw and visualize floor plans in 2D and then automatically generates 3D rooms, even for complex plans. You can also decorate the rooms, edit materials and colors, customize lighting, and apply various interior finishes.

Homestyler Reviews:AI interior design and real estate tools

Design Your Dream Home in 3D

All-in-one Online Interior Design: Floor Planning, Modeling & Rendering

How Homestyler works?


Draw the floor plan in 2D and we build the 3D rooms for you, even with complex building structures!

Homestyler Reviews:AI interior design and real estate tools


Decorate the room with 1:1 furniture from our 300,000+ model library as well as real brands catalog!

Homestyler Reviews:AI interior design and real estate tools


Photo-realistic images, panoramas, VR virtual tours and even videos with animated effects!

Homestyler Reviews:AI interior design and real estate tools


No need to burden your computer. Access or share your work on any web browser anywhere, anytime.

Homestyler Reviews:AI interior design and real estate tools


AI Decoration

Intelligently decorate your empty rooms with your chosen style.

Material Editor

Edit the color and materials of the models to match your design.

Lighting Editor

Customize your own light sources, sunlight and environment.

Interior Finishes

Customize wall, floor, ceiling & tiles with strong customization modules.

Export Drawings

One-click export BOM, floor plan and dwg drawings.


Access your ongoing or finished work on any web browser anywhere, anytime.


For Interior Designer:Use AI and CAD graphics to offer a user-friendly and fast rendering experience, making it a game-changer in the industry.

For Real-Estate:Provide a customer experience for real estate professionals that enhances commissions, expands client reach, and accelerates property sales at higher offer values.

For School:Facilitate teamwork and learning in architecture and interior design, allowing students to develop their design abilities and prepare for future careers.

For Brands&Retailor:Better showcase merchandise by digitally presenting items for sale in 3D or virtual showrooms, at an affordable price and with simple usage.

For Homeowner:Provide homeowners with features like floor planning, color schemes and natural light visualization as well as access to a community of like-minded individuals for inspiration.


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