Spacely AI Reviews:Your AI interior design co-pilot

About Spacely AI

Spacely AI is an interior design service that provides users with fast and easy design ideas for room photos. The tool is easy to use, simply choose the room type, style, and upload a photo of your chosen room. The AI then generates furniture suggestions and color schemes to make your project implementation easier. Spacely AI is free to use for unlimited generations and is designed to make interior design more accessible.

Spacely AI Reviews:Your AI interior design co-pilot

Your AI interior design co-pilot

We can help you Render your image with AI within 10 sec

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Spacely AI features

High quality rendering

Imagine taking your client’s dream space from sketch to reality in seconds. Offer your clients a glimpse of their dream spaces faster and with a level of accuracy that surpasses traditional methods.

Edit and fill furnitures

Design is in the details. With Spacely AI, you have complete control over the elements of your design. Change everything from furniture and floors to walls and ceilings, and create spaces that truly reflect your clients’ tastes and lifestyles.

Upload style reference

Make your design visions a reality. Our groundbreaking tool transfers any style into your client’s space, delivering instant design concepts that save you time and enhance precision.

Furnitures search

Bring your designs to life with real furniture. Our advanced furniture search feature finds and suggests real, purchasable items based on your design, helping you to create not only a dream space but a feasible one too.

Object detection

Identify and customize various elements in your generated images, from furniture to walls, floors, and ceilings.


Gain complete control over your designs with the ability to set and adjust lighting.

Segment material inputs

Upload your preferred material images to customize the look of floors, walls, and ceilings in your design.

Plugin Integrations

Simplify your interior design process even further with our plugin. Apply various styles and render your creations instantly with just one click!

Use case of AI interior design

Spacely AI Reviews:Your AI interior design co-pilot

Spacely AI Reviews:Your AI interior design co-pilot


What is Spacely AI?

Spacely AI is an AI-powered interior design platform, coupled with a dedicated team of expert designers. Our mission is to craft innovative and personalized design experiences that bring your vision to life, ensuring quality and uniqueness every step of the way.

Is Spacely AI free to use?

Spacely AI offers a 3-day free trial for all new users. After the trial period, a subscription is required to continue using our services. Detailed information on our pricing and packages can be found on our subscription page.

How does Spacely AI work?

Our platform combines advanced AI technology with the expertise of seasoned interior designers. Users simply upload an image of their space, select their design style, and our system offers initial AI-driven design suggestions. These are then refined by our design team to ensure accuracy and style before being presented to the user.

How do I start using Spacely AI?

1. Click on “Get started.“
2. Select the type of room you’d like to redesign, such as a bedroom, living room, or kitchen.
3. Choose your desired design style, like Scandinavian, Japanese, or Minimalist.
4. Upload a clear photo of the room you wish to redesign, or opt for one of our available templates.
5. Hit the generate button to receive design options.
6. Iterate as much as needed until you discover the perfect design for your space.

How do I provide feedback on Spacely AI-generated designs?

We have an integrated feedback portal within our application. Here, users can rate the proposed designs, leave detailed comments, and even request specific alterations. This direct communication helps us iterate and cater better to your design needs. For other queries or feedback, you can still reach us via email at [email protected] or connect with us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Customer Reviews:

Chris from Malaysia

I am impressed by your software, BETA version although with a lot of flaws but the rendered visual is awesome.

Ben from USA

After trying some other (free) tools to experiment with designs for my pantry, I was amazed at what came back when I first clicked “Create my room” in Spacely AI.

Alex from USA

Spacely AI is a total game changer

Georgi from Bulgaria

We found your service very interesting with some shockingly good results.

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