Riku ai Reviews:build AI models without code

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About Riku ai

Riku is a central platform for building AI prompts and models using technology from OpenAI, Cohere, AI21, and GPT-J. It allows you to easily switch between different language models and export the code to your machine locally when you’re finished. The platform also features a community showcase where you can share and edit prompts. Riku empowers users to build AI models without code, making AI accessible to everyone. It can also be integrated with existing tools and automation through its API.

Riku ai Reviews:build AI models without code

Empowering you to build AI models without code. Use AI through integrations, API, or public share links. Accessible AI for everyone.

Riku ai helps you create content

Building with the raw AI technologies ensures content generated is relevant to your business. Stop wasting time with generic managed solutions


Build your own AI for copywriting


Amplify your brand through AI


Supercharge growth with your team’s custom AI

Connect Riku to the tools you already use

Integrate through automation tools with no-code or build your own unique solutions via our easy-to-understand API

Riku ai Reviews:build AI models without code

Riku empowers you to build AI models without code. Use AI through integrations, API, or public share links. Accessible AI for everyone.

Riku ai Features

Create Prompts

What is Prompt Building?

Prompt Building is the nature of telling AI what you want it to do. Quality prompt engineering is when you tailor instructions to suit your needs and provide relevant examples.

The playground is the central place to build out AI prompts. In the playground, you can switch between all of the best large language models in an instant. Experiment and test which model suits your needs. Write your prompt instructions, provide relevant examples, and save it in your account. Building with LLMs has never been easier.

Stuck on where to begin? Riku’s Community Showcase has hundreds of examples of quality prompts vetted by our team. Find one that is close to what you want to achieve and open it in the Playground. We love a shortcut

Riku ai Reviews:build AI models without code

Build a Dad Joke Generator!

Supercharge your content creation by building your own prompts. Relevant examples within the prompt will give you a relevant output. You simply will not get the same quality generations by using someone else’s prompts.

Create Datasets

Creating Datasets is Hard

Sorting all of your examples into individual entries takes a ton of time. Formatting the text takes a ton of time. Riku makes it fun. Be excited about creating your next dataset.

Our JSONL dataset builder is super simple to use and will perfectly format your dataset ready for fine-tuning. Enter both your prompt and completion with ease and download your JSONL file at any time.

Datasets can come in all shapes and sizes. We advise you to provide atleast 50 examples. For more complicated tasks and processes, the general train of thought is; ‘more is better’, up to thousands of examples.

Riku ai Reviews:build AI models without code

Fine-tuning in Riku

Using a dataset for a fine-tuned models escapes the prompt token limits of a raw large language model. 2048 tokens is approximately 8,000 characters. Using datasets removes that hard limit and gives you better content. Win, win!

Create Fine-tunes

What is Fine-tuning?

Fine-tuning is the art of providing a unique dataset to a large language model which influences the output generated to be incredibly specific.

Why use Fine-tuning?

All large language models work on a token system. A token is approximately 4 characters. These token systems have a limit so you can’t always provide enough data in a prompt.

For more complex generations, it is also often the case that you need to feed the AI enough examples to understand what you are trying to achieve when you run a generation. These examples, or datasets can range from 50 to hundreds of thousands and will ensure a quality output. A fine-tuned model will perform better than a prompt.

As most large language models charge for the tokens used within a prompt, using fine-tuning can also save you a lot of money. Pushing those examples into a dataset means that when you run the fine-tune, it is optimized.

You can fine-tune models directly in Riku with no-code. We even have a JSONL dataset builder to help you take your outputs and put them in the right format without the stress. Making fine-tuning accessible is one of our main goals.

Create Images

Create AwesomeImages with Riku.AI

Supercharge your content with the perfect image made by state of the art AI. Learn all about the different settings, prompts and art styles.

What is Image AI?

Think of AI like an artist, you commision a piece of work by writing what you want. The AI will provide you an image based on that instruction. This is a real gamechanger!

With Riku, we’re all about empowering you to learn about the potential of AI for your business and life and be able to apply it effectively.  Image AI is an evolution of the prompt engineering, datasets and fine-tuning that we offer with text-based AI. While images are easy to make with just an instruction, to master the art, further settings matter.

YouTube creators love image AI as it helps them to create thumbnails for their videos on the fly. Whatever you can imagine, you can now get in an image format. We’re really living in exciting times.Start Generate Your Image

Image AI is also incredibly strong for designers and those mocking up new products. You can get graphics, you can visualize concepts and you can influence your output with different art styles. You won’t believe it until you try it.

Chain Prompts

Unlock Massive Potential with Prompt Chaining

More complex workflows require more advanced AI application. What if you could chain your AI prompts to do multiple generations in a sequence?

Static versus Sequential Prompt Chaining

Riku offers you two ways to chain your prompts. Static Prompt Chaining is where the same input fields run in sync across multiple prompts. Sequential Prompt Chaining occurs when the output from the first prompt is fed into the second and so on and so on.

Chaining prompts really unlocks more advanced use of artificial intelligence. Thinking about how you can further your generations by chaining will create new possibilities for you and your business. Generate text for any reason or even chain text based prompts into images. The more complicated your ideas, the more fun chaining becomes!

Run an ecommerce store and get tired of writing the same details and running multiple prompts individually to get your content for launch? Use Static Prompt Chaining to run all your prompts at once. Save time. Launch faster.

The writing possibilities of Sequential Prompt Chaining are endless. Use a prompt to come up with an idea for a blog, turn that idea into a title, that title into an outline, that outline into an introduction. Pretty fun process!

Public Share Links

Public Share Links

Turn any of your AI text creations into a fully brandable page that you can share with anyone online. Let others benefit from your AI creations.

How do Public Share Links work?

Choose to make a Public Share Link from any of your saved prompts or any promps available in the Community Showcase. Choose colors, logo and text options for full customization.

Every Public Share Link comes password-protected so only those who you provide that password to will be able to benefit from the AI generating powers of your awesome work! Your audience enters the password, inputs their text and chooses how many outputs they require. The AI will provide them the output. Your very own content generator!

Public Share Links work great for prompts created with all of the Large Language Models in Riku. They also work with fine-tuned models further extending the power of AI. Share your AI with no-code today. No development required!

The Public Share Link dashboard is your control center to view analytics on each of your Public Share Links. Delete any in an instant and see which have been used the most. You are in full control of your creations.

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