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About fine tuner ai

fine tuner ai reviews:Build AI Agents at Scale No Coding Required lets you build your own AI agents – no coding required! Forget lengthy development cycles and expensive machine learning teams. With you can build sophisticated, tailored AI agents without technical skills or coding – just bring your data and ideas.

What is Fine-Tuner?

Build AI Agents at Scale

No technical skills or coding required.

No-Code Interface

We’ve designed Fine-Tuner to be as user-friendly as possible. Even without any technical know-how, you can:

  • Use our intuitive No-Code interface, eliminating the need for any coding,
  • Start with pre-built templates to get a head start,
  • Follow step-by-step guidance to create AI agents, even if you’re completely new to AI.

Intelligent Agents No Ordinary Chatbots

Forget ordinary chatbots, our Agents are context-aware and can interact with their environment:

  • Adapt to interaction stages, minimizing “hallucinations”,
  • Extract, and store crucial information from conversations,
  • Browse the internet,
  • Recommend products within a conversation,
  • Retrieve LinkedIn profiles,
  • Send emails via Gmail,
  • Convert text responses into audible speech.

Connect your AI Agent to Anything

REST API:  Connect your AI agents to any data source, model, or third-party service with our simple API endpoints.

Third-Party Tools: Fine-Tuner’s AI agents can interact with a variety of third-party tools, such as internet browsing, retrieving LinkedIn profiles, sending emails via Gmail, and more.

No-Code Plugins: We also offer plugins for No-Code tools such as Bubble and Zapier.

Unlimited Secure Data Storage

At Fine-Tuner, we understand the value of your data. That’s why we provide:

  • Unlimited storage space for your data in a dedicated Pinecone environment,
  • SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR-ready infrastructure designed specifically for AI,
  • Full control and transparency over your agent’s learning and improvement.

Discover Agents built with Fine-Tuner

Customer Support Assistant

Context-aware AI Customer Support Assistant. This agent can handle queries and issues, assists with troubleshooting, provide solutions…

Sales Assistant

Context-aware AI Sales Assistant. This agent can have a natural sales conversation with a prospect and behaves based on the conversation stage.

Document QA

Provides accurate, concise answers to inquiries based on the specific context provided in the uploaded documents (PDF, CSV, PowerPoint, Word documents, Text or URL).

Pirate Captain

Captain of the Salty Seadog – a legendary pirate ship feared across the seven seas. Enjoys a good shanty and a game of dice when the rum’s flowing and the seas are calm.

Personal Finance Advisor

Capable of understanding financial goals, providing advice, scheduling planning sessions, and recommending strategies using a financial knowledge database.

HR Recruiter

AI-powered HR Recruiter that can engage with potential candidates, assess qualifications, analyze LinkedIn profiles, and match applicants with suitable job…

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