ChatGPT for Amazon Reviews:AI shopping assistant for Amazon.

About ChatGPT for Amazon

ChatGPT for Amazon is a ChatGPT Chrome extension specifically for Amazon and Shopify sellers. It currently includes two tools, Amazon Review Analysis and List Optimization, with two more features for keyword analysis and research expected to be released soon. The extension uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT API for generating results and gathering insights for product research.

ChatGPT for Amazon Reviews:AI shopping assistant for Amazon.

AI shopping assistant for Amazon.

ChatGPT for Amazon: Real-Time Shopping Assistant


ChatGPT for Amazon is an AI-driven shopping assistant designed to enhance your Amazon shopping experience. Leveraging OpenAI’s advanced language model, ChatGPT, this extension provides real-time product recommendations, evaluations, and answers to your questions, directly within the Amazon interface.

Why Install ChatGPT for Amazon?

1.Informed Decisions: Get instant AI-generated insights about the products you’re considering, including purchase recommendations, pros and cons, and more. Make more informed decisions and shop with confidence.

2.Product Comparisons: Compare similar products quickly and efficiently. The plugin will provide AI-generated alternatives based on your current product view, helping you explore more options.

3.Real-time Q&A: Have questions about a product? Just ask! ChatGPT is capable of answering a wide range of product-related queries, making it easier for you to get the information you need.

4.Seamless Integration: ChatGPT for Amazon is integrated directly into the Amazon product page. It pops up automatically when you’re viewing a product, providing a seamless and convenient shopping assistance experience.

How It Works

Once the extension is installed, simply visit an Amazon product page.

ChatGPT for Amazon will pop up automatically, providing real-time advice and answering your queries directly on the page.

Remember, the first time you use it, you’ll need to input your OpenAI API key.

ChatGPT for Amazon is here to transform your online shopping experience on Amazon, making it more informative and interactive.

Download now and let AI make your Amazon shopping smarter and more convenient!


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ChatGPT for Amazon with GPT4 Shulex Copilot

Copilot but for ecommerce & sellers. Browser sidebar, Review Analysis, AI assistant can deal with anything you need.

Powerful AI Assistant Sidebar:

Free chat with ChatGPT is available on all major e-commerce websites

· On-the-Go Accessibility:anytime, anywhere, without the need for a Openai account

· ChatGPT/GPT4 toolkits for Amazon & Shopify Sellers!

· Google Extension for Amazon & Shopify Sellers!

✈️ Shulex Copilot, your personal AI assistant for commerce business with powered tools to improve operations by providing suggestions, answering queries, and automating reports, supports universal platforms and comprehensive tool for maximum efficiency. It is tailored to support all major global websites. Get your questions answered, find similar products, translate content, and analyze products in just 10 seconds. Focus on what matters most and let our assistant handle the rest. From product development, market research, and marketing campaigns to customer service, Seller Assistant streamlines your entire process. Improve your efficiency, save time, and concentrate on your core business as our AI-powered assistant tackles the challenges of the digital marketplace.

✈️ We provides a quick and straightforward way to get product reviews from Amazon & Shopify. The Analysis and Download button is above the title whenever you open a listing page. With just 1-click, we will automatically generate analysis using the power of GPT4 without any import manually, and you can download data and formats under the listing into an xlsx file. Also, we had its own ability to provide consumer insight reports which can help startups uncover valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.

? Shopify Review Generator: Download all Shopify reviews with just one click without figuring out its review app.

? Review Analysis: Wrap up reviews with an engaging analysis. Gathering insights and feedback from customers who have used a particular product, which can be used to improve the product and make more informed purchasing decisions. By analyzing the language and sentiment used, businesses can better understand what customers like and dislike about their products, identify common issues and pain points, and discover areas for improvement. This information can then guide product development, marketing, and customer service strategies. Additionally, analysis can provide competitive intelligence, informing businesses about their competitors’ products and customer feedback.

? Listing Optimization: Optimize compelling product descriptions, key features and benefit bullets for listing. It helps improve a product’s visibility and ranking on search engines. A well-optimized listing can increase the chances of a product being discovered by potential customers, leading to higher sales and revenue. Effective listing opt. involves the change in product titles, descriptions, bullet points, images, and other key elements of the product page to make it more attractive and compelling to customers and to help it rank higher in relevant search results.

One-click for analysis, and you will get the following

● Analyze positive & negative reviews

● Identify opportunities

● Find out the pros & cons

● Deep dive into consumer needs

● Analyze customer questions & answers What can you get from Shulex?

? Conducting competitor research tools saves time on counting the critical content of comments manually. Know thyself, ever-victorious.

?Analysis markets tool tracks industry trends and inspires product proposals.

?Discover high-demand keywords tool helps optimize the listing and save advertising costs.

Users Reviews

good for improve listing quality its very help full and work correctly

Such a amazing tool. very interesting with this tool.

amazing tool for sellers

Amazing tools, Looking forward to its further development

Started to show random reviews which have no connections to the products. Also, shows same reviews for completely different products.

VERY BUGGY! It keeps on requesting for me to Install this extension, which I did, but still won’t let me use the app. This is a waste of time! I’ll just stick with Product Opp Explorer on Amazon. I am assuming unless you pay the full app, you won’t get what you want to do. What’s the use of FREE trial if they won’t even let us test this?

Very useful tool. it can export my hundreds of reviews in just 1 click.

very useful! with this tool I can easily download and check reviews for my online store on Amazon.

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