Soula Reviews:Your AI-powered Assistant for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

About Soula care

Soula is an AI-powered mobile app that provides personalized support for expectant and new moms. It features an AI chatbot assistant that can offer round-the-clock emotional and educational support. Soula also provides access to evidence-based content, practical tips, and a customizable pregnancy planner and tracker.

Soula Reviews:Your AI-powered Assistant for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

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Your AI-powered Assistant for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

The personalized educational and emotional support virtual assistant harnessing the collective wisdom of the world’s top birth and parenthood professionals, empowered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Becoming a mother is a path of pressure

A maternal mental health crisis is unfolding in the US and the rest of the world.


respondents say recovering from having a child is one of the most difficult emotional challenges they’ve faced


of mothers are diagnosed with postpartum depression


of pregnant women reported that they felt overwhelmed by the amount of pregnancy information available

With Soula, you get the constant professional support new moms need during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

An Ai Virtual Assistant

Soula is an app that helps every woman to come into her full potential as a person and a mother. With trusted information and round-the-clock support, we’re here to enhance satisfaction, reduce postpartum depression and family discord, and foster stronger relationships. Soula brings together the knowledge and experience of top professionals, making it easy for moms to access. With Soula, you’ve got a team of experts by your side 24/7. Let’s blossom into the best mothers we can be!


Evidence-based, structured content

information and practical tips to navigate pregnancy, birth, and baby care, all while supporting mental health

Personalized AI-based chatbot

supported by the world’s most powerful GPT3 technology and expertly crafted with the combined doula experience of 30,000+ moms

Pregnancy planner & tracker

thoughtfully designed mental health-oriented pregnancy planner and weekly pregnancy tracker

For Mom

We are thrilled that you have expressed interest in the SOULA APP – an application designed to support people during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Our main goal is to provide a comprehensive service that offers all the necessary support to expectant and new mothers.

We appreciate your feedback on the app and its content. Your input will be crucial in helping us to improve and evolve our services, enabling us to provide valuable content that addresses all your questions on birth and postpartum. Our aim is to be available and helpful to you whenever you need us.

AN Experts

We’re happy you expressed interest in the SOULA APP – an application to support moms during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Our main goal is to create a service that will give expectant moms the support they possibly need to make their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period go smoothly. We also aim to bring awareness to the importance of the doula profession. Therefore, one of the goals of SOULA is to bring together doulas from around the world and allow them to share their invaluable knowledge and experience.

We are currently working on creating a community of doulas who will author the content we provide to our users. There are many ways we can collaborate, so please contact us below to discuss all the options.


We would be happy to discuss a possible partnership if you are:

A private investor or fund willing to get in touch and join SOULA or support this project

An organization or NGO willing to collaborate with our startup

A company or brand ready for advertisement integration

A media representative looking to speak with us

An interested individual with comments or feedback to share

Natalia Miranchuk,
CEO & Founder of Soula

I have been leading projects in maternity and parenthood care for over 15 years:

  • Maternity Health and wellness non-profit sector (USAID, UNFPA, WHO, and UNICEF for Belarus). Over 350k women were reached in the education and support projects for pregnancy in Belarus
  • Newborn photography (3500+ newborn babies, 10+ exhibitions, 850+ students all over the world)

I am a solo mom of two beautiful boys, both of whom I gave birth to at home. I have personal experience of great support in pregnancy and postpartum that doula and midwife can give.

I am a doula (*a certified birth professional and trained companion who supports women through pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum care) and a professional coach myself.

I know exactly what type of tools and support women need at any stage of motherhood. From my own experience, I know that professional support makes a difference. I’ve created Soula to make this support available to as many women as possible.

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