Clearmind Reviews:AI Therapy for All

Clearmind is an AI-powered therapy app that provides personalized mental health support. It allows you to track your moods, get insights about your emotional patterns, meditate, chat with an AI assistant, and more. Clearmind is designed to make therapy more accessible to everyone, and attempts to make managing mental health issues easier.

Clearmind Reviews:AI Therapy for All

World’s first personalised AI therapy platform to measure and elevate your emotional health.

what people said:

“This is wonderful. I have elaborated my difficult situation here. It gave me an important focus point and solution related to it. Podcast and song suggestions are apt. I find this as the most comforting solution for my well-being. I can talk for hours and I don’t have to be worried.”

“The perfect application for all the introverts and all the people who find it difficult to express themselves. The mood card was just what  I was feeling and the advice was the most appropriate what I actually needed at this time. This is just mind-blowing and absolutely amazing.”

“It genuinely feels like someone is holding all those tangled threads and helping me untangle them one at a time. I understand how asking for help is important, but I want to admit that this is something which helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed and unable to reach out.”

Our AI therapy methods are proven and reliable – and even experts love us!

Diversity requires diverse solutions

Each  struggle is different. That’s why we’ve crafted six unique solutions, drawing from real user experiences, to help you rise above your challenges.

Moulded For You

Experience the future of mindfulness with Clearmind’s real-time, hyper-personalized meditation. Our scripts adapt to your unique mood and life’s narrative, paving your path to inner peace.

Turn your thoughts into unique art

Clearmind transforms your thoughts into one-of-a-kind shareable art piece that amplifies self-expression and fosters connection.

Get a visual map of your feelings

Clearmind’s AI is built on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique to  identify thought patterns in your words overtime, reshape your thinking and help you map your progress in your emotional journey.

Handpicked mood-lifters just for you

Analyzing your current mood and previous interactions, Clearmind offers a variety of personalised suggestions to brighten your day. The more you converse with it, the better it understands your taste.

Emotion-Driven Actionable Steps

Clearmind automatically finds your perfect goal, breaks it into easy tasks that promise growth. The cherry on top? You can tick them off in less than a day!

Chat with Clarity, Your AI Therapist

Dive into insightful chats, discover hidden emotional patterns, and get tailor-made strategies to better your well-being. Our mental health chatbot provides affordable therapy at your fingertips, anytime you need.


Step 1: Express

tart talking. Literally, just get cozy, take out your device, and spill the beans! Rave about your neon socks or overshare your love for stargazing. The more you share, the more accurate the responses!

Step 2: Elevate

Next, try all our mood-based tools, they’re on the house! Feeling zen? Meditate. Want to grow? Check out our to-dos. Or just mix it up for a total feel-good spree!

Step 3: Measure

Relax and effortlessly track your emotional journey. Discover intriguing patterns in your behavior, no extra clicks needed!

You own the data. We keep it safe.

Privacy is our number one pledge. Clearmind’s got your back with end-to-end encryption that’s on by default. Your data syncs safely to our servers as a jumbled mess, so even if we wanted to peek (we don’t), we couldn’t. And don’t worry, no one else can either – only you hold the key to unlock it. So go ahead and write about your love for spiders, your secrets are safe with us!

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