Luminaries Reviews:AI Coaching Platform

Luminaries is a collection of AI coaching chatbots that can assist you in various different aspects such as relationships, finance, mental health, and more. The AI can access expert knowledge, allowing you to seek advice on specific topics, bounce ideas, learn new skills, and receive guidance to achieve your goals. The platform also offers accountability features, allowing you to create plans to help schedule your path to success.

World-class coaching, powered by AI

Chat with a personalized team of digital experts, trained on real-world knowledge.

Real knowledge, real conversations

  • Search an expert knowledge base
  • Ask for advice on specific topics
  • Bounc your ideas and weigh options

Learn new skills and gain more insights

  • Learn from expert knowledge
  • Get training to improve a skillset

Set goals and make them happen

  • Build plans and routines to improve your life
  • Receive guidance on your goals
  • Have an accountability partner for your goals

A world-wide showcase of human minds working behind the scenes at the intersection of Narrow AI, Tech & Economic Growth.

“We sought out the most sophisticated thinkers on the future of technology and simply started putting them in a single place & connecting them to others. That’s all.”

On the surface it’s just a showcase. Dig deeper and you’ll find a vibrant network of passionate creatives, academics & engineers— people that care about the future of humankind in a way that is truly inspiring. Do you know someone like that? If so, do them a favor and nominate them.

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