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Make-A-Video is a state-of-the-art AI system that generates videos from text.


What is Make-A-Video

Make-A-Video research builds on the recent progress made in text-to-image generation technology built to enable text-to-video generation. The system uses images with descriptions to learn what the world looks like and how it is often described. It also uses unlabeled videos to learn how the world moves. With this data, Make-A-Video lets you bring your imagination to life by generating whimsical, one-of-a-kind videos with just a few words or lines of text.

Make-A-Video is an advanced AI system designed to generate high-quality videos based on text prompts. It utilizes text-to-image generation technology to enable text-to-video generation.

Examples include a dog wearing a superhero outfit flying through the sky, a teddy bear painting a portrait, a robot dancing in Times Square, and a cat watching TV with a remote in hand.

Users can also add motion to single images or fill in the in-between motion between a pair of images.Make-A-Video aims to enhance video generation by providing better representation of text input and higher quality output.

To ensure responsible AI usage, Meta AI has implemented measures to reduce the creation of harmful, biased, or misleading content. The tool’s generated videos are marked with a watermark to identify them as AI-generated.While Make-A-Video is currently in development and not accessible to the public, Meta AI continues to analyze, test, and trial the tool to ensure its safety and intentional release.