What is AutoPod?

AutoPod is a set of Adobe Premiere Pro plug-ins designed for video podcast and video show editors. It offers automatic editing features to save time in post-production.Abstract. The autopod, including the mesopodium and the acropodium, is the most distal part of the tetrapod limb, and developmental mechanisms of autopod formation serve as a model system of pattern formation during development. Cartilage rudiments of the autopod develop after proximal elements have differentiated.

How to use AutoPod?

To use AutoPod, simply install the plug-ins on Adobe Premiere Pro.

For multi-camera editing, AutoPod automatically edits multi-camera sequences with up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones.

It can handle various camera configurations, from solo shots to wide shots. Customizable settings allow users to adapt to their preferred editing method.

The social clip creator feature resizes clips for different aspect ratios and adds auto-reframe, watermarks, and endpages as desired.

The jump cut editor automatically creates jump cuts based on silence in the footage.

Users can input a decibel cutoff specific to their microphones to determine where the cuts occur.

AutoPod Features

Multi-camera editing with up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones
Customizable editing methods and frequency of wide shots
Automatic creation of social clips for different aspect ratios
Automatic jump cut creation based on silence in footage

Multi-Camera Editor

Edits Multi-Camera sequences automatically.  Works for up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones with any common camera configuration. Works for solo shots, two shots, three shots, four shots, and wide shots. Our users say it’s essentially a finished edit after running the program.

Customizable to work with any editing method including standard cutting, multi-cam, or enable/disable.  Customizable to increase the frequency of wide shots.  Save any preset you consistently use.

Social Clip Creator

Automatically create 1920×1080, 1080×1350, and 1080×1920 clips for social. Creates a new sequence based off an in/out point. Automatically resizes the sequence settings and footage sizes based on the selected aspect ratio. Automatically adds auto-reframe, watermarks, and endpages if desired by the user.

All clips are stored in a folder and may be batch exported with a single click.

Jump Cut Editor

Automatically creates jump cuts in footage based on silence. Often used for social clips where jump cuts are required to keep the audience engaged. Input a decibel cutoff for your particular microphones and create cuts.